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 The country «Australia»
 The most attractive places
 Sources
Australia is the amazing country.
Tourists can visit many interesting sights
and unforgettable places.
Australia occupies all territory of the
continent on which it is situated.
This continent the smallest on the Earth.
Natural sights of Australia will make you dream.
Interesting places of Australia are dispersed through
all territory of the country which is traditionally
divided on the continental and island parts.
Now you will learn the most beautiful
and unusual places of this admirable
country, which attracts tourists from all
over the world!
KKosciuszko Mountain
Kosciuszko’s height is about 2228m above the sea
level, and convenient paths turn the conquest of
the mountain into a pleasant foot walk.
The Great Dividing Range of the Kosciusko is covered with snow and in
June – August when in southern hemisphere comes winter, the ski season
opens here.
Horizontal Falls
The horizontal falls located in the Buccaneer Archipelago
is surprising natural sight of northwest Australia.
During long tidal currents powerful water flows, passing
through narrow cliffs of ridges of the Mc Larty Range
create improbable effect.
The direction of a stream changes several times a day,
depending on the direction of inflow.
Chambers Pillar
Chambers Pilar is most beautiful and very
unusual creature created from sandstone
located in the Northern territory.
According to the scientists’ estimates this stone column is
about 350 million years. Sandstone was exposed to an wind
and rain erosion under the influence of which this stone
pillar has very freakish outlines which are especially visible
at sunset.
William Rikkets's reserve
His unusual works opened eyes for the habitats of
Australia on beauty and essence of treasury of the wild
This exhibition includes 92 sculptures, some of them carved
from a tree, and some of ceramics.
The exposition hidden in rainforest depth seems an
integral part the native habitat.
William Ricketts's reserve is an incredibly beautiful and
picturesque place.
Bondi - Beach
Bondi - beach is the most popular beach of Sydney which is located 7 kilometers from the center
of town. The word "bond" means " the water breaking about stones". Bondi - Beach attracts
tourists from around the world dreaming to luxuriate on the most known beach of Australia.
Sydney Aquarium
The aquarium was opened in 1988 to celebrate the 200 anniversary of Australia in Sydney and it
is one of the largest aquariums of the world.
A series of underwater tunnels with a big coral reef
are the main expositions of the aquarium, where
sharks float over visitors and are visible through
acrylic glass.
The aquarium contains various representatives
of Australian flora and fauna numbering more
than 650 species, more than 6000 of fishes and
sea animals for whom water is the main habitat.
Jenolan Caves
Jenolan Caves is the extensive cave system it is
located in the Blue Mountains in the State of New
South Wales. Caves are considered the most ancient
and big in all Australia.
People arrange group tours for pupils, during which children investigate
caves, come across a lot of new fauna — bats, insects and other inhabitants of
extensive Jenolan.
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House is a musical theater in Sydney. It is
one of the most known and easily recognizable buildings
of the world. Sydney Opera House is a symbol of the
largest city of Australia and one of the main sights of the
The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostle is a group of the calcareous
rocks at the ocean near the coast in National park
Port-Kempbell. It is located on the so-called
Great ocean road in the Australian state Victoria.
Their appearance and small distance one from
another made this place a popular tourist sight.
The height of some rocks is about 45 meters.
Whitehaven beach
It is said, that it is the whitest beach in the world.
The sand here consists of silicon dioxide which
provides incredibly light shade.
It is possible to have a good time here, for example, to order a yacht journey, a small boat or
even a hydroplane. From air surprising contrasts of water and sand are especially well seen.
Pinnacles Desert
Pinnacles are the calcareous creatures which are
situated in Nambung National Park near the city
of Cervantes in Western Australia.
Pinnacles were formed of sea cockleshells during
early eras of existence of our planet when on this
place were sea storms. Eventually cockleshells
were shattered in sand which filled later the
territory of the desert.
Cathedral of St Mary
St. Mary’s Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral in
the city of Sydney, Australia.
The cathedral is recognized as a national shrine.
It is one of the fifths Australian cathedrals
carrying the honorable status of "a small
You have known just some of the most popular places of Australia. You have a
nice possibility to start travelling and discovering something new for you.
Our life is nothing without travelling!
Let’s be happy and make our life interesting!
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