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Sightseeing tour around London

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Sightseeing tour around London
1.The main tourist attraction;
2.Buckingham Palace;
3.Kensington Palace;
4.Westminster Abbey;
5.Houses of Parliament;
6.Big Ben;
7.Windsor Castle;
8.The Tower of London;
9.The Tower Bridge;
10.St Mary Axe;
11.St.Paul’s Cathedral;
12.Trafalgar Square;
13.The British Museum;
14.Victoria & Albert Museum;
15.Madame Tussauds;
16.The Sherlock Holmes Museum;
17.London National gallery;
18.The Royal Albert Hall;
19.Hyde Park;
20.The Regent’s Park;
21.St. James’s Park;
22.The London Eye;
The main tourist attraction
London is the most beautiful
European capital, London is
not only the political,
economic and cultural centre
of the United Kingdom. It is
the main tourist attraction of
the country. There are a lot of
places of interest in London
which attract thousands of
tourists every year. Now we
are going to a sightseeing
tour around this wonderful
Buckingham Palace
We are standing outside the
residence. It is interesting that
Buckingham Palace has 775
rooms. These include 19 State
rooms, 52 Royal and guest
bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92
offices and 78 bathrooms.
Londoners usually watch the
Changing of Guards in the
forecourt of the palace. It lasts
about 30 minutes.
Kensington Palace
building. It is a royal
residence set in Kensington
Gardens in London. It has
been a residence of the British
Royal Family since the 17th
century. Kensington Palace is
also used on an unofficial
basis by Prince Harry, as well
as his cousin Zara Phillips. It
was the official residence of
Diana, Princess of Wales
(until her death in 1997).
Westminster Abbey
Just before you there is a
Gothic church, which is
the traditional place of
coronation and burial for
English monarchs. It is
located next to the Houses
of Parliament in the heart
of London and it is now
the political centre of
Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament, a
symbol of London, spread
magnificently on the north bank
of the Thames. The Houses of
Parliament, called officially the
Palace of Westminster, were
formally a palace for kings and
queens. Until the 16th century it
was used both as a royal
residence and as a parliament
Big Ben
Look at this clock tower. It is
called Big Ben which is the
nickname for the great bell.
Its hour bell is named after Sir
Benjamin Hall, the first
Commissioner of Works. It is
interesting that this Clock
Tower celebrated its 150th
anniversary in May 2009. The
tower is 96.3 metres high
(roughly 16 stories).
Windsor Castle
Now we are going to Windsor
Castle. It is a medieval castle and
royal residence in Windsor. The
original castle was built after the
Norman invasion by William the
Conqueror, and since the time of
Henry I it has been used by a
succession of monarchs. The castle
includes the 15th-century St
George's Chapel. More than five
hundred people live and work in
Windsor, making it the largest
inhabited castle in the world.
The Tower of London
The Tower of London is also a
real attraction for tourists. It is
one of the first and most
impressive castles built after the
Norman invasion of England in
1066. William the Conqueror
built it to protect the City of
London. The Tower has been
used as a royal palace, a state
prison where many famous
people have been executed. It is
now a museum.
The Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge is a beautiful monument in
London, over the River Thames. It is close to
the Tower of London, which gives it its name.
It has become an iconic symbol of London.
St Mary Axe
St Mary Axe was a medieval parish in London
whose name survives on the street it formerly
St.Paul’s Cathedral
St Paul’s Cathedral is Sir Christopher Wren’s
masterpiece. It was built since 1675 until 1709.
It is crowned with a huge dome. Inside the
dome there is the famous Whispering Gallery.
There are many memorials in the Cathedral,
including memorials to Wellington and Nelson.
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is a place of
pilgrimage for visitors. It’s the
natural centre of London. It is
usually full of visitors feeding
the pigeons and looking at the
statues and fountains. In the
middle of the square we can see
Nelson’s Column with the statue
of Nelson at the top. This
monument was erected to
commemorate Nelson’s victory
at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805
where he defeated the French
and Spanish fleets.
The British Museum
The British Museum is a
museum of human history and
collections, which number more
than seven million objects, are
among the largest and most
comprehensive in the world and
originate from all continents,
illustrating and documenting the
story of human culture from its
beginnings to the present.
Victoria & Albert Museum
The Victoria and Albert
Museum (Victoria & Albert
Museum) was founded in
1852. Now the Victoria and
Albert Museum has the
world's largest exhibition of
design objects - glass,
porcelain, ceramics, precious
metals, textiles. In addition,
the Museum has a large
sculptures and masterpieces of
Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds is a wax
museum in London with
branches in a number of major
cities. It was founded by wax
sculptor Marie Tussaud and
was formerly known as
Madame Tussauds is a major
tourist attraction in London,
having waxworks of historical
and royal figures, film stars,
sports stars and famous
The Sherlock Holmes Museum
Now we are in Baker
Street and there is the
Sherlock Holmes Museum
before us. It is a popular
private museum in
London, England,
dedicated to the famous
detective Sherlock
Holmes. It was opened in
London National gallery
The national gallery was founded
by king George IV, who demanded
that the government of the
acquisition of a collection of 38
paintings, among which were six
works of Hogarth. Today it is a
center of world art. In the Museum
there are ancient works of art, from
the recently discovered treasures of
the Roman period until copies of
"Magna Carta", the Pantheon and
sculptures of ancient Egyptian
The Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Albert Hall is a
concert hall situated in London.
The Royal Albert Hall is one of
the UK's most treasured and
distinctive buildings,
recognizable all over the world.
Each year it hosts more than 350
performances including classical
concerts, rock and pop, ballet
and opera, award ceremonies,
school and community events,
charity performances.
Hyde Park
We are in Hyde Park which is
one of the largest parks in
central London and one of the
Royal Parks of London. Royal
Park area of 1.4 km2 in
Central London. From the
West it is adjacent to
Kensington gardens. In is the
traditional place for political
The Regent’s Park
The Regent's Park is the
largest grass area for sports in
Central London and offers a
wide variety of activities, as
well as an Open Air Theatre,
the London Zoo and many
cafes and restaurants.
St. James’s Park
St James's Park is probably the
most beautiful of the capital's
central parks. Now it is the most
ornamental park in London with
good views of Whitehall
rooftops. St James's Park is a
popular place to stroll, feed the
ducks or watch the pelicans.
There are a lot of ducks, geese,
pelicans and black swans on the
lake. The bridge over it gives a
view of Buckingham Palace.
The London Eye
The London Eye is a giant
135-metre tall Ferris wheel
situated on the banks of the
River Thames in the British
capital. It is the tallest Ferris
wheel in Europe, and the most
popular paid tourist attraction
in the United Kingdom,
visited by over 3.5 million
people annually. The London
Eye is located on the South
Bank of the River Thames in
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