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The animalism in British painting Толмачева Наталья

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ГПОУ «Южно-Уральский государственный
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«The animalism in British
Руководитель проекта:
Елена Валерьевна
Студентка 3 курса отделения
экономики и инфраструктуры :
Толмачева Наталья Андреевна
1.Painting in my life
3.The famous English animalist- artists
4.Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
5.The famous paintings of Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
6.A beautiful and mysterious art
Painting in my life
I am a student of the third course of the "South
Ural State Technical College“. Before entering
the college I studied at the School of Art. We
learnt painting, drawing, composition,
sculpture, and the art history.
There are many styles of painting
in art: a portrait, a still life, a
landscape, a seascape and etc.
Artist has the skill to combine form
and colour into harmonious entity
and to represent a brilliant colour
Painting is one of the oldest and
most important arts. The paintings
that artists create have great value
for humanity. They provide people
with both enjoyment and information.
Some paintings interest people because of
the way the artist expresses some human
emotion, such as fear, grief, happiness, or
love. Other paintings are enjoyable because
they skillfully portray nature.
Artists paint the things they see
around them-people, animals,
nature, and nonliving objects.
I love animals, so I decided
to take the theme of
"Animalism" in British
An animalier is an artist, mainly from the 19th
century, who specializes in
the realistic
portrayal of animals. The term is most often
applied to sculptors and painters.
Animalism is a special
genre of fine arts and it
is dedicated to the
animal depiction.
The animal artist pays
particular attention to the
artistic representational
characteristics of an
animal, its habits, and its
The famous English animalist- artists are
Peter Williams
Persis Clayton Weirs
Brighton Rivière
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer is an
English painter. He was well known for
his paintings of animals—particularly
horses, dogs and stags.
Landseer was born in London 7
March 1802. He studied under several
artists, including his father. Landseer's
life was entwined with the Royal
Academy. At the age of 13, in 1815, he
exhibited works there.
He was knighted by the
Queen Victoria in 1850
and elected as a
President of the Royal
Academy in 1866 but
he declined the
Landseer was a notable figure in 19thcentury of British art, and his works
can be found in the Tate Britain, the
Victoria and Albert Museum, the
Kenwood House and the Wallace
Collection in London.
Interesting fact from the life of Sir
Edwin Henry Landseer:
Landseer was able to paint with both hands at
the same time, for example, he could paint a
horse's head with the right and its tail with the
left, simultaneously.
The famous paintings of Sir
Edwin Henry Landseer:
«A Distinguished Member
of the Humane Society»
«The Arab Tent»
«The wild cattle
of Chillingham»
«The Falcon»
A beautiful and mysterious art
Painting is a very beautiful,mysterious
and interesting art. Painting is a way of
representation of our feelings, our life,
our love, our bad emotions and the
beauty of nature.
I think no one can live without art.
Somebody can express his
feelings and emotions, while
painting a picture. Others can
watch these pictures and enjoy
the beauty and the intensity of
I believe it’s very important to
visit art galleries, to keep in
touch with the greatest works of
art. We can see the world from
the other point of view, in other
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