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Традиции и обычаи
Выполнила : Ортун-Назын Милана Омаковна
Дневное отделение,2 курс.
Руководитель : Жамсаранова Валентина Дугаровна.
The main goal and objective
• The main goal of this work is a Detailed study of
the traditions and customs of the country of the
studied language.
Objective : to Deepen the knowledge about the
UK ,its traditions and customs ,to broaden your
The Relevance:
• The relevance of my work is that many teenagers
,like me, want to know the English language.
I became interested in the traditions and
customs of the country of the target language,
which are an important element of culture and
Britain is a land of traditions.
• UK embodies modern civilization and a long history.
Historical regions of the kingdom are very different, and this
is Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In
England, a large number of cultural heritage sites. There is a
wealth of London nightlife, architectural monuments, shops,
theaters, art galleries, museums and restoranami.Bat,
Windsor, Oxford, Manchester, Cambridge, York, Liverpool,
Birmingham - famous and not at full strength England town.
Scotland - this lake, the mountains, the sounds of bagpipes,
moorlands and traditional viski.Uels just amazes tourists
wonderful castles and a variety of terrain. Traditions and
customs of the UK presentation can be viewed on the Internet
and not just one. About customs and traditions of Great
Britain was formed many abstract, because almost everyone
knows about this country.
The customs and traditions of great
The British are so proud that differ significantly
from other nation of the world. They are still
strictly adhere to such practices as the game of
cricket or left hand movement. The Brits still,
unlike the rest of Europe, measure the distance
of miles and miles. In the tradition of British
people do not always follow logic. In one of the
village pubs, local residents often play Darts, and
sometimes in checkers or chess.
Tea traditions in the UK
• Tea etiquette in the UK, in any
case is not limited to one kind
of tea, usually offers up to 10
varieties to choose from. The
tradition of tea drinking in the
UK try to adhere to. According
to tradition, to continuously
serves afternoon tea,
cinnamon toast, bread, fresh
tomatoes and cucumbers,
eggs, biscuits, almond biscuits,
jams, and sandwiches. Make
tea according to certain rules.
You need to take part in a tea
ceremony and see for yourself.
The tradition of celebrating Easter in
the UK
• Easter in the UK is one of the most
important holidays of the year. At
dawn on Easter Sunday, in churches
concerts of organ music and service.
On Easter day the locals on the
streets handing out candy to
children and toys. For lunch on this
day the whole family. The table is
decorated with chocolate nests for
eggs, hares from dough and
chocolate eggs. Tea is served Sunday
morning cross buns. Friends give
chocolate eggs with sweets that are
hiding inside. Tonight in the UK
carnival. The festivities lasted until
dawn on Easter
The musical culture of Great Britain was formed through various nations of
this country. Became very popular jazz, folk music. The musical traditions of
the country's multi-faceted and original. Their musical productions classic
"Covent Garden" is famous all over the world. In England, held every year
the Opera Festival, which tourists like to come from near and far abroad.
British traditions are displayed in vivid festivals. Festivals demonstrate
various arts: drama, theater, choral art.
Despite the prevailing stereotype of the whole world - the severity and stiffness of
England, we can confidently say that no one can celebrate the holidays so original,
as the British. One of these festivals is bright gambling event - horse racing,
arranged in Liverpool - a city associated with the British thoroughbred horses.
Sympathy for these magnificent creatures of the population "Albion" in the blood.
During Easter week at the races involved as professional racers and amateurs.
Previously, women were not allowed to be present at such a spectacle, but now it
has become an event in the traditions and customs of England. Narrating about
them, can not do without such topics as love for pets. About them worry, worry and
care as well as their own children. In Britain, there are plenty of shops and a variety
of organizations that protect animals. Today we can safely say that it is better than
England Pet no country.
• Christmas in England is celebrated on December 25. On this
day, most families are sent to the church, and after it collected
for the holiday table. Traditional Christmas meals in England
are roast turkey with potatoes, sweet pies, a traditional
Christmas pudding and Christmas fruit cake. On this day,
almost every house sounds of Christmas music. Traditional
English tunes - "Jingle Bell" and "We Wish You a Merry
• The British first in the run up to Christmas began to decorate
the house with holly, ivy and mistletoe. It was believed that
holly repels witches, and mistletoe ancient Druids considered
a sacred plant and a symbol of eternal life, the Romans valued
it as a symbol of peace.
The Valentine's Day.
• Here in England on February 14 people presented as
a gift to a variety of sweets. In addition, the British
love to give flowers. They scrutinize the value of
each individual flower and pick a bouquet on the
basis of what kind of want to express a sense of the
man. Of course, the most popular flower, as in any
other country, is a rose. British hold sacred all their
traditions. So on this day, after receiving recognition
from its second half, they hang their clothes on the
icon where it says the name of the lover or beloved.
You can also see how people exchange apples. They
symbolize beauty and love.
The conclusion:
• In the conclusion of his work, I learned a lot of
interesting, useful and new to the language is
spoken. Through this work, I have learned to
respect and understand the culture of other
Thanks for watching
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