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the oxford university

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 Гаджиханова Хадижат
 ОУ: Пятигорский техникум торговли,
технологий и сервиса.
 Отделение: 101101 Гостиничный
 Курс: 2
 Преподаватель: Бушуева Елена
 11. Dining room of the Christ Church
 1. Plan
 2. The University of Oxford
 3. The Secret of education
 4. Methods of teaching
 5. Matriculation
 6. Sports in Oxford
 7. Rowing
 8. Wall of the memory
 9. Campus
 10. Christ Church.
 12. University college
 13. Here we go
 14. Courtyard
 15. Going further
 16. Let's go to the library
 17. Reading time
 18. Halls of residence
 19. Let's have a look inside
 20. Decoration of buildings
 21. Sources of information
The university is located in
Oxford, England.
It's the oldest university in
the English-speaking world
and the first in Great Britain.
It was found in about 1117
by the English clergy, who
had decided to give
education to their ministers.
Under the rule of Henry II
Oxford became a real
university city.
Eventually the education in
this university became
mandatory for the nobility.
 Nowadays more than 20.000 students study there. The staff of Oxford teachers is so
great that one lecturer has an average of 4-5 students. Thanks to the unique
system of tutoring every enroll gets set of basic and specialized knowledge.
 The usual method of teaching in Oxford - you are given a list for reading. Then you
write essays. One or two 8-paged essay a week, covering the topic of several
books. Tutors read the essay and then discuss it with the student personally. This,
of course, in addition to the lectures, seminars and classes.
 Lecture - Professor says, everyone is silent
 Seminars - Professor speaks , students ask questions if there are some
 Classes - Professor is silent, one-two students discuss the topic, the others join
 Tutorials - Professor reads the work and discusses personally with the student
 Matriculation: from the Latin
"matricula" - "a short list";
 formal ceremony of passage to the
 Until 1960, in order to pass the
matriculation and to be admitted to
the classes he or she should have
passed an appropriate examination.
In the Middle Ages the exam was
held in Latin. Now the exam is
canceled, it is replaced by a normal
selection process for admission.
 At Oxford sport is very popular and
considered a pleasant and
prestigious form of recreation. Each
college has its own traditions kind of
The most famous kind of sport
connected with Oxford is
certainly rowing. The
University of Cambridge is a
traditional rival of Oxford in
this competition. Starting from
1829 the oldest and most
prestigious competition - Boat
Regatta on the Thames "Oxford
– Cambridge" is held. The
teams of boat clubs of similar
universities take part in it. The
representatives of Cambridge
were the winners of the race 81
times were, 76 times - Oxford.
One race was a draw.
The participation and
victory in the boat race
against Cambridge is
crucial for all Oxford.
Every time Oxford wins
there is a corresponding
entry graffiti on the walls
of this building.
The university campus is
divided into research
centers, institutes,
faculties, colleges,
libraries and halls of
residence. It occupies a
large part of central
Oxford. There are
numerous parks and
gardens, the largest of
which is the famous
University Park.
The University College
on the High Street, the
oldest college in Oxford,
was founded by William
Durham (William of
Durham) in 1249.
The main courtyard of the college,
the construction of the XVII century
Mansion Masters College
Crossing High street
People coming out of college
Kybald house. Mitchell building
Let's go inside
Students live here in these
Many of the buildings are
decorated with
grotesques sculptures.
The tradition of
decorating the facades of
these strange statues has
its roots in the Middle
Ages, and is supported so
far. There we can see the
theme of morality,
historical references,
frequent caricatures of
famous teachers and
university graduates.
 1.
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