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Don Oparah

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The Changing Face of Retail -­‐‑ what innovation trends will impact the world of retail in the next 5 years?
Dr. Don Oparah CEO, Venture Aviator Inc.
A LiPle Background
• IT services and business strategy consulting firm.
• Delivers technology solutions to high-­‐‑growth startups and innovation-­‐‑driven enterprises.
• Growing portfolio of venture-­‐‑
backed and award winning clients.
Ø  We get to see and work with a lot of cool stuff
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Mobile Payment & Electronic Currency
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
“Consumers are 2X as likely to carry a phone as cash”
”Proximity mobile payments to top $58b by 2017” – eMarketer (c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Boost VC, a Silicon Valley accelerator backed by Tim Draper, has invested in 50+ Bitcoin start-­‐‑ups to date
Major brands starting to accept Bitcoin – albeit often conservatively for now via payment gateways like bitpay
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
•  Significant $ amounts
•  Effectively ‘pre-­‐‑sales”
•  Equity Crowdfunding – Investor-­‐‑customers
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Growing trend sees retailers and brands inviting customers to participate in product design decisions – higher engagement, bePer fit
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
3D Printing
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
3-­‐‑D printing has the potential to impact/leverage multiple areas at once – customer engagement, personalization, revenue models, crowdsourcing and even logistics and delivery
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Shipping & Logistics
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
End-­‐‑to-­‐‑end Shipping
Smart Shipping APIs
Local Delivery
Transportation Systems
Shipping is finally sexy
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Drone Technology
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
•  A new phase “on-­‐‑demand” services for customers
•  Trials already underway – e.g. DHL Germany, Google Australia
•  Applications go beyond delivery – e.g. tracking retail traffic
•  Beacons offer a new level of in-­‐‑store customer interaction
•  Personalized coupons, store navigation
Heat-­‐‑maps of shopping behavior are used to optimize store layout
In-­‐‑store innovations
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Big Data & Analytics
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Virtual Reality & Visual Tech
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
• recreates real-­‐‑life experience of shopping for e-­‐‑
• Samsung Gear VR + 30 million renderings = customization and virtual Audi test drive accessible from home or a mall kiosk.
(c) Venture Aviator Inc. 2015
Thank You Dr. Don Oparah CEO, Venture Aviator Inc.
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