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Dear Mike,
Soon our country will celebrate the Victory Day in the Great
Patriotic War.I would retell you about my great-grandfather.
My great-grandfather Ivan Ivanovich Gerdt at the age of 23 years
was drafted into the army to the Russian-Finnish war. In 1941 was
drafted to the Great Patriotic War, he knew German language very
well. Ivan Ivanovich participated in the battle for Stalingrad in
1942-1943. In 1943 he was wounded in Hungary seriously and was sent
to the hospital.
After the hospital he was exiled to Nizhni Tagil where there was a
prisoner-of-war camp of Germans and my great-grandfather began to
protect them. When the great-grandfather arrived to this camp, he
found out among captured his brother Phillip.He died of hunger and
my great-grandfather Ivan rescued it. In 1945 the prisoners of the
war were exiled to Germany and only in 1946 the great-grandfather
came back home. Ivan returned home and did not find his family, the
wife and the daughter were evacuated. He searched for them long but
everything was in vain. Probably they were lost because a lot of
trains were bombed. After some years he married my greatgrandmother Ovchinikova Tatyana Platonovna. They had lived together
very friendly.My great-grandfather Ivan had the Award of the Great
Patriotic War of the second degree and 2 medals for services in a
I did not know him, he had died till my birth, but my mum and my
grandfather Sergey Ivanovich told that my great-grandfather was a
very cheerful and kind person. I am proud of my great-grandfather
Ivan Ivanovich Gerdt very much!
Yours sincerely Danila.
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