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Dear Ann,
Soon our country will celebrate the Victory Day! I would like to tell you about my great-grandfather .I think
it will be interesting for you because you ask me what I know about that terrible war, pain, grief, the loss of
loved ones.
War... this little word contains all human grief. This is the worst thing that can happen in the destiny of the
man and the whole country.
75 years ago Nazi Germany invaded the USSR. Terrible news about the war kicked into every house, every
family. Men and boys from the cities, villages began to leave their home and went away to the front. The
roar of guns, the whistling of bullets, the wounded cry, the hatred, the death, the pain began to surround
each person.
My great-grandfather I never saw but heard about him from my grandmother. His name was Chernov Efim
Alexeyevich. He was born in the village of Danilovka of Sudogda district in 1903. My grandmother always
said Efim Alekseevich was an educated man.He was tall, strong with a keen sense of justice and at the same
time demanding respect of yourself and others. That was my great-grandfather! Not accidentally the
villagers elected him as a Chairman of the collective farm. In this position he met the news of the war. In a
year my great-grandfather was called to the front but he refused and said that the work in the rear is no
less important. After all at the front and in the rear people contributed the victory equally. And my greatgrandfather and farmers began the fighting against the enemy in the rear. Women knitted socks and
mittens. Farmers sowed and gathered wheat and rye for the front. Children worked with adults tireressly. It
was hard and hungry. My grandma told me that they ate everything! They ate the sprouted wheat
spicas,the skins of potatoes, the spruce, earthy potatoes. But despite all these people baked bread for the
front and passed to the soldieres. They worked in the fields for 16-18 hours without a break. From
fatigueand hunger many people fainted. Watching and knowing that people soon will not be able to work
my great-grandfather gave the remain of bread to the farmer and he was hungry himself. For it my greatgrandfather had to jailedl! But thanks to the request of people he was sent to the front. At the front Efim
Alexeyevich was the gunner. He coordinated the fire. He needed not only to shedule the target accurately
but to do it so that our weapons were invisible for the enemy. But once the Germans identified the greatgrandfather and he attracted the enemy's fire without hesitation.
Post mortem Chernov Efim Alexeyevich was awarded the order of the red star. Our family is very proud of
the heroism of my great- grandfather. Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!
Now you know about my great-grandfather and his contribution to the Victory. I am very, very proud of
Unfortunately my letter is over. What do you think about this? Oh, my God that we shall never feel and see
all the atrocity of the war.
Write me soon
Best wishes
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