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Письмо к Дню Победы

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Dear Dan,
As you know, Victory Day will come soon. As for me, this is certainly a
great holiday. I`d like to tell you about my great-grandfather Vladimir
Alexeevich Navalikhin fought in the Great Patriotic War. He talked a lot
about some interesting accidents. Let me tell you about one of them.
Once their squad was moving through the forest. The order was to
clean up the way to the river. They walked one day, the second, and
finally decided to make a halt. Vladimir smoked a sigarette and went to
sleep. As my great-grandfather told me: « I woke up when someone
pressed my chest. I opened my eyes, and saw a foot of a German. There
was a mess. The German directed a Mauser to my chest and shot. »
That evening the Germans were
driven away to a long distance.
When the dead soldiers were
buried in a common grave,
somebody noticed a sudden
movement in the pit. A man
crawled out of it. It was my
It turned out that a bullet hit the lighter which was in his breast pocket. The
lighter was so solid , that it sawed the life of my great-grandpa. But unfortunately,
it stopped working. And they say «smoking kills». I`m proud of my great-grandpa
and I`m grateful for his heroic deed. Vladimir took part in several battles and
came back home in 1945.
Wish best wishes, Nikita.
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