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My dear friend,
This year the 70th anniversary of Victory Day will be
celebrated in our country. The holiday is very
important for our people because almost each Russian
family has the participants of World War II.
This event is paid much attention to these days. At one
literature lesson our teacher recited a war poem that
touched my soul so much. There were tears in my
eyes. I translated it into English for you.
Best wishes,
Your friend Kate
Why should I feel such sadness?
Do you know, my dear friend?
I am so much eager to see my mother,
When this war will come to an end.
You have your parents and beloved,
Your loyal and beautiful friend.
But this woman who is in the photo
Is the only close person I’ve had.
Spring and hope were in the air.
We were fighting for our land.
Death came like a nightmare
And a crazy bullet found my friend.
Now I know the feeling of sadness
When remember my wounded mate
And her eyes looking so helpless
And the blood in her long blond plait.
Do you know the feeling of sadness?
She doesn’t know it any more.
But her old lonely mother
Will forever be waiting for her.
Can you imagine the sadness
So enormous and wild,
When you look in the eyes of the woman,
Who lost her only child?
(по мотивам стихотворения Ю. Друниной «Зинка»)
Источники шаблона:
Шумарина Вера Алексеевна,
учитель ГКС(К)ОУ ’’С(К)ОШ №11 VIII вида.
г. Балашова’’
Шевченко Татьяна Александровна
зав. библиотекой СКШИ № 4
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