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Песни на уроках англ яз в 4-ых классах

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Презентация для урока английского языка в 4-х классах по программе Millie 4. Учитель Комлева Л.Н. г.Сургут
Урок английского языка
«Музыкальный фестиваль
английских песен
в 3, 4 классах».
Подготовила учитель
английского языка МБОУ СОШ № 26
Комлева Любовь Николаевна.
Hello, my dear children! How are
you? Lets sing a song!
Nice to see you again!
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Its nice to see you again!
Its time to have a go,
Have fun, sing songs, play games.
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Hip, hip! Hip, hip! Hooray! Hip, hip! Hooray!
• Знаете, ребята, зарубежная музыка на уроках и
в школе абсолютно необходима, так как она
может сделать изучение английского языка
интересным и более практичным.
• Музыка помогает нам узнать английский лучше!
• Мы сможем хорошо понимать, о чём поют
зарубежные певцы.
Nowadays, we can hear music everywhere: in
the streets, at home, over the radio and TV,
and Internet, and of course, at our school,
because a lot of pupils are interested in music.
Today we will sing, play and have fun! Are you
Do you know the famous English
singers? They are: Justin Bieber,
Britney Spears
Lady Gaga
Do you know more people?
• Ok! We have got some(2-4) groups.
• Now, you will have different tasks and
each group will have points for each right
answer, ok?
The first task: how many songs do
we have in our Students Book?
The second task: which
song can you sing well? Sing
in the groups, please!
The third task: which song is
about (1,2,3,4,5…..)
find it, please!
The third task: which
musical instruments in
English do you know?
The fourth task:
can you sing a song?
The fifth task: what kinds of music
do you know?
Ok! Lets sing a song
«Looking for adventures» together!
• On my holiday
• I found a place to see.
• Its somewhere
• Between London and Torquay.
• I travelled there by plane,
• By car, by boat, by train.
• And my friends were there
• Travelling with me.
• Very good! Count your
points, please!
• Today the winners are:
• Have the prizes!
• Thank you very much!
• Good-bye!
Презентации по английскому языку
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