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Легко ли быть молодым?

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Is it Easy to Be Young?
Author: Konoreva Viktoriya
Youth is a wonderful, exciting and a very
important period in the life of every person.
It’s the time when a person is full of hopes,
dreams and plans for future.
But on the way to adulthood there can be a
lot of problems.
Being young brings a lot of serious
Now violence, AIDS, drugs and alcohol are more and
more associated with youngsters.
Almost every teenager have an experience with
drugs, alcohol or sex. These things combined with
personal problem and mates' infuence make being a
teenager very difficult.
One of the most common problems is
misunderstanding between teens and their
parents. Teens think, that they are adult enough to
have their own opinion, while their parents do not
take their opinion into account. It is not right. Adults
should be more careful and talk with their children,
especially at such a difficult age.
Teenagers often meet their first love. It is a
wonderful time for them and one of the best
stages of life. This event stays in one’s memory
forever. Unfortunately, the first love can have
unhappy endings. It leads to problems in
communication even with the best friends.
Being young is a kind of duty and makes
you feel responsible for what you do
Sometimes being a teenager is not fun .It is a chore.
Teenagers have to go to school and their parents
want they to get good marks, which is hard enough in
itself, and they have to deal with their own problems
But nevertheless, youth is the best period of life.
Some things that happen at young age can
never be repeated in the adulthood.
So, it’s better to enjoy the time!
Be happy!
Enjoy your
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