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Nice guys finish last blogpost

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Nice guys finish last blogpost
You may not know this, but you are in fact the apex predator on the planet. The
only problem is you've been sissified from an early age. It's not your fault you're a sissy.
Unless you continue to choose to be.
What do I mean by this? A sissy (A.K.A. nice guy) is someone who mistakenly
hopes that the nicer he is, the more good things in life he will get.
There's powerful truth to the old saying, "Nice guys finish last." It is, in fact, a
universal truth. Nice guys do always finish last.
You know who finishes first? GOOD guys.
A good guy is someone who cares about other people to the exact same degree
that he cares about himself.
In the bible it says, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" which, in fact, presupposes
that you do first love yourself.
Sounds great, right...perhaps a little woo-woo?
The harsh reality is that unless you truly love and appreciate yourself, and that
love and appreciation is reflected in your daily routines, then you are bullshitting every
other person you claim to love.
Most "men" -- and I use the term 'man' loosely -- go through life as shadows of
their true authentic selves.
Blame this on sissification.
"Play nice"
"Always get along with others"
"Be considerate and kind always"
Not terrible advice all the time. But when that's ALL you have to go on, don't be
surprised when you are experiencing continual frustration.
Frustration in the bedroom...
Frustration in your work...
Frustration at your inability to close the gap between where you are right now
and the things in life that you promised yourself that you'd have someday.
Best-selling authors
How long are you willing to wait for "someday" to become a reality? Last time I
checked, there ain't any calendar on earth that includes the day "someday."
Anyway, I digress.
I'm putting together a training. The likes of which has never been seen before.
Not too humble, I admit.
But I will say that this training is going to release your apex predator so that you
can systematically, ruthlessly dismantle any remaining shred of self-sabotage or limiting
belief that's been holding you back.
You are a fucking fighter.
The only problem is, you probably never act like it.
If you want to become a fighter -- not to destroy -- but to build a life that's
worthy of your purpose on your legacy then reply back to this post. I'll tell you what I've
got going on. And if it's not a fit, at least we'll enjoy a few laughs.
Respect always,
Ted Ryce
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