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1651 Vladimir Zworyk

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An inventor
of television
Was born in Murom in the family of a
merchant of the first Guild Kosma
Zworykin, who was a grocer, owned
ships and was Chairman of the Murom
public Bank. After graduating from
muromskoye real school, in 1906,
entered St. Petersburg technological
Institute. With honors he graduated in
1912 with a diploma of engineertechnologist.
In 1912-1914 continued
education in Paris at the
Collège de France under
the direction of the Field
During the First world war
he served in the army
signal corps in Grodno,
then worked in radio
officers ' school in
Fled from the civil war through Ekaterinburg to Omsk, capital of white
movement in Siberia, where he was responsible for equipment of radio
stations, worked with foreign suppliers, went on business trips. In
Yekaterinburg Zworykin was almost shot for what he was going to search for
the radio components on the territory occupied by the red army, but the
arrival of Kolchak helped him to stay alive[3]. In 1919, during the second trip
to new York, the Kolchak government fell, that is, return to nowhere, and
Zworykin became an employee of Westinghouse, where he engaged in the
favorite theme — image transmission at a distance, but did not find
understanding from his boss (partly due to the language barrier), and
continued development on their own. In 1923, Zworykin filed a patent
application (US Patent 2141059 of 20.12.1938) on television, undertaken
entirely on electronic principle.
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