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Future (English Topic)

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What does the future hold for you? What does the future have in store for you? What is in store
for your future? What is in the stars for you? What do the cards hold in store for you? These are all
various ways of asking what one's future will be like. This is a subject that many people think about,
and others obsess about. How often do you think about the future? Have you ever been to a fortune
? What are some methods fortune tellers use to tell the future?
Time is something that man cannot change,
but time certainly changes man. If you think
about people who are 80-90 years old today,
it's amazing what drastic
changes they have
seen in their lifetime. National borders have
changed, two world wars were waged,
transatlantic flights became routine, and the
Internet has allowed unimaginable
communication and freedom of information.
What sort of changes do you envision
in the
next 50-60 years? Where will you be and what
will you be doing in 10 years?
Technological advances change our
lives. What do you consider the greatest technological advance that was made in your lifetime, and
what technological advances do you think are likely to come to fruition in your lifetime?
A “futurist” is someone who thinks about the future in order to formulate
academic or business
practices which will be useful in the future. There are four basic approaches to the 'futurist' movement:
Inactive, Reactive, Preactive, and Proactive.
An 'inactive' futurist is one who has a basically “don't mess with it” attitude. The future will get
you there whether you do anything or not. Therefore, it's best to just “go with the flow”, and you'll end
somewhere anyway. A 'reactive' futurist thinks that the future is pretty much like the past. If you know about the
past then, just project
it forward and you’ll tend to know about the future.
A 'preactive' futurist looks for trends on the social level and in the physical environment. When
he or she sees one, he or she “rides” it (follows it).
Finally a 'proactive' futurist sees the wave (trend) coming and gets creative with it. This type of
futurist notices a trend and comes up with a new idea which will develop or complement the trend. In
doing so, proactive futurists attempt to 'shape' the future to their advantage.
Which type of futurist are you and why?
Fortune teller
= [NOUN] a person who claims the ability to predict the future
. [Both male and female]
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= [ADJECTIVE] Severe or radical in nature; extreme. [Wow Sarah! Just yesterday you had
white hair, and today it is black. What a drastic color change!]
To envision
= [VERB] To imagine that something will happen in the future. [NOTE: British version is
“envisage”] [If you would have asked me 2 years ago before I came to Russia where I would be 2
years from then, I never would have envisioned that I would still be in Russia!]
To formulate = [VERB] To develop something by thinking carefully about its details. [He formulated
a plan to improve the team's performance.]
To end up
= [VERB] To be in a place or state after doing something, or because of doing something.
[Somehow, they all ended up at my house! Keep on doing that, and you'll end up in jail!]
To project (something) = [VERB] To calculate how big/important something will be in the future,
using information available now. [It is projected that the population will rise by 1.3 million in 2010.]
There have been several books and
movies about the possibility of traveling
through time. Which books have you read or
which movies have you seen about this topic?
If a time machine really existed, would
you use it? When/where would you go?
Would you change something about your past?
Would you find out about your future? Why
or why not?
Do you think the invention of a time
machine would be a good thing or a bad thing?
[NOTE: “Traveling” (one L) is the American spelling - “Travelling” (two L's) is the British spelling]
Some people regret
certain things that they have done in the past. Because of this, they would
welcome the opportunity to travel back in time and correct their past mistakes. Can you think of some
mistakes in your past that you would want to fix? Would you go back in time and fix them if you
To regret
= [VERB] To feel sorry, sad, or guilty about something that has happened, or about
something that you have done. [When the airline companies make a mistake, they always use the same
phrase: “We regret any inconvenience caused by the delay, and we look forward to serving you in the
future. Thank you for flying ________ airlines!”. I regret telling Alex that he was stupid.....I found out
later that he went home and cried for 3 hours.]
[NOTE: “Regret” is also the NOUN form which
describes a feeling of sadness about something that has happened or something that you have done, OR
this word as a noun describes the THING (usually action) that one regrets - “One of my regrets is that I
didn't spend much time with my sister when we were younger.”]
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[Another pop quiz!]
[The first conversation is taken from a scene from the movie, “BACK TO THE FUTURE 2”]
: I was framed!
: Why yes, yes of course! Because this
hoverboard incident has now occurred, Griff
now goes to jail. Therefore your son won't go
with him tonight and that robbery will never
take place. Thus history, future history, has
now been altered and this is the proof! Marty,
we've succeeded, not exactly as I'd planned but
no matter......Let's go get Jennifer and go
: Bye Griff!
What's this?
: It's uhhh....a souvenir....a book.
: 50 years of Sports Statistics. That's hardly recreational reading material Marty.
: Hey Doc, what's the harm of bringing back, er, a little info on the future? Thought maybe we
could place a couple of bets.
: Marty! I didn't invent the time machine for financial gain. The intent here is to gain a clear
perception of humanity - where we've been, where we're going......the pitfalls
and the possibilities. The
perils and the promise. Perhaps even an answer to that universal question - why?
: Hey Doc, I'm all for that! What's wrong with making a few bucks on the side?
: I am going to put this in the trash!
: Hey Alla.
: Good afternoon, Vadim.
: And what about me? Aren't you going
to greet me, VaZim?
: Uggh, sorry Katya. I'm guess I'm just
frustrated with all this extra spam that people
keep sending me. It's making it difficult for
me to get my work done.
: I know what you mean, Vadim! Viktor
keeps sending me all these stupid group
invitations on VK. So annoying!
: Yeah, that's incredibly annoying! I
wish he would stop doing that! If I could go
back in time, I never would have accepted his
friend request.
: Hey guys, what's up?
: Speak of the devil!
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.ru All rights reserved
: Yes, there's the perpetrator!
: What? What are you talking about?
: We're talking about all the spam that you're sending us on VK! It's unacceptable.
Yes, I insist that you stop.
: Oh, but those are very useful links. You can make a lot of money fast!
: I don't believe that you are that gullible
, Viktor.....
: But......but......
: Yeah, you at least could have made up a story that somebody hacked your account and was
sending those invitations......
: Yeah, don't insult our intelligence.
: I'm going to un-friend you.
: Me too.
: Me three.
: I'm so sad. I guess I'll have to go to the club to make new friends!
To be framed (Passive Construction) = To frame someone with (something (the crime))
= [VERB]
To make someone seem to be guilty of a crime when they are not (for example, by lying to the police).
[In order to get revenge, Billy decided to frame John with the murder of his wife. He even stole John's
gloves and put them next to his wife's dead body.]
= [NOUN] An unapparent source of trouble or danger; a hidden hazard. [John discovered only
after he left the South that one of the pitfalls of living in New York City is that many of the people there
are self-absorbed and rude.]
“Speak of the devil!” = Phrase said when a group of people is talking about somebody, and then that
person shows up/arrives at the same time. [NOTE: Despite the word 'devil' – this phrase is completely can be talking about good or bad things about the person when he/she arrives.]
= [NOUN] Someone who does something harmful, illegal, or dishonest. [The perpetrator
broke into John's house sometime after midnight and stole $200 dollar from his nightstand.]
= [ADJECTIVE] Easily tricked; Believing almost anything quickly and without
proof/evidence. [Sally is so gullible that she paid $20 for a hot dog because the vendor told her that it
was the last hot dog in New York City.]
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