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Катерина Білокур
Kateryna Vasylivna Bilokur
учениця 11 класу
Супрун Світлана
с. Хомутинці
Kateryna Vasylivna Bilokur
(Ukrainian: Катерина
Василівна Білокур; 07
December 1900 – 10 June
1961) was a Ukrainian folk
artist born in the Kiev Oblast.
After an unpromising start,
her works became known in
the late 1930s and 1940s for
their interest in nature. She
was named People's Artist of
I was staggered by the unusual thing of
work of Kateryna Білокур. Provided with
from nature a high artistic gift, she
opened the secrets of technique of
painting. Handwritten made brushes,
because knew a posteriori, that even
lack of one hair or his surplus - and
already not such will be a stroke. The
special influence on work of Kateryna
Білокур was rendered by unique beauty
of native land. She felt her smell thinly,
поралася near her: орала and sowed.
And managed in ordinariness to find
beauty that came to her in a dream, did
not give to the calmness until will not
carry her on linen. Talent of artist that
drew the pictures so charmed me, that
they can not be distinguished from an
original(a bee is on the represented
flower of poppy). A surprise is deserved
by the artistic obsession of Kateryna
Білокур, her ability to get to the world of
nature, listen the language of trees,
winds, flowers.
Exactly flowers were loved by an artist
mre than anything. Presumably, because
had the soul of raspberry quivering
mallow. The real miracle was created by
her for years. For a few years polished the
linens. Filled with light, sun, gladness,
наснажені large patriotic love to native
land, overwhelmed with the melodies of
iridescent paints, her works take an
audience the originality. On linens of К
Білокур it is possible to see the whimsical
variety of flowers, that in the wild in
actual fact does not exist. It fairy-tale
плетиво of twisted паничів, mallows,
maquis, півоній, красуль, marigolds
deeply touches a heart, brings large
aesthetic pleasure. It is impossible words
to describe charming of linens "Flowers
and березоньки at night", "Flowers after a
wattle-fence", "Field flowers", "Flowers in
fog". they are necessary to be seen!
Seems, it costs to offer hand and will
touch to living дивоцвіту of earth our,
light eyes of beauty.
 Her work highly estimated the state, appropriating
the high rank of folk artist of Ukraine to her,
awarding with an order "Sign of honour", by
deeds. In her village of the Yahotyn district the
monument to the folk good hand carved from
granite stands against school. Often enough we
went all class for an excursion in an art gallery.
Our teacher spent much time, to attach us to the
magic world of art, to teach not only to be an
audience but also able to analyse seen. Somehow
unnoticed we began after linens to see the inner
world of artists.
Flowers after a wattle-fence(1935)
An artist was most attracted by oil-bearing
paints. They seemed to her blinding, even
their names sound fairy-tale: cinnabar light
and crimson, cobalt navy blue, ultramarine,
cadmium red, a lake is darkly-pink... It her
favourite paints. Brushes she did - chose
from a cat-like tail the hairsprings of identical
length : 9, 12 or 36. For every paint the
Tutors in a capture the oily painting for Катрі
Білокур were nevertheless. Someone taught
her to ground linen, because at first she tried
to write directly on linen, but pictures quickly
got dark and жухли. It is considered that
could help her teacher Ivan Grigorievich
Калита, too artist-amateur, and icon-painter
from Cмотриків, only artist that was
respected by her father. In 1934 painter
draws picture "Bindweed" - one of three
pictures that brought world glory to her. In a
year gives birth "Flowers above a wattlefence" are other glorified masterpiece
Flowers are on a blue
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