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New Zealand

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• Касеева Анастасия
• МКОУ Калининская
• 8 класс
• Руководитель проекта:
Сибилёва Алёна
New Zealand: Places of interest
1. General information about New Zealand
2. Review of national parks
3. In the wake of "Lord of the Rings”
• New Zealand is rather small country with the developed
industry. But I don't want to speak about the cities, the
enterprises and factories. I would like to tell what this
country does special for me
• New Zealand is located
on 2 big and about 400
smaller islands in the
Pacific Ocean. Its
territory of 268, 021
square kilometers. the
population - 4,5 million
people. the capital is the
city of Wellington
National parks of New Zealand
• In 1898 the first New Zealand national park was open.
Two natural objects of the world heritage are on the
Southern island. The largest in New Zealand national
park Fiordland is one of them.
• The area of this park is about 12 thousand, and inhabitants – such well-known
birds as a kea (a mountain parrot), a kiwi,
rare the takahe and an ueka. Here also the
animals delivered from other countries, in
particular Himalaya тар and a chamois are
• The coast of Fiordland which is well-known for the
picturesque landscapes is cut up by narrow bays with
rocky coast. One of the most beautiful is Milford
• Many tourists are attracted by pedestrian routes of park
which are laid on hillsides, but local authorities limit
inflow of visitors, and everyone to pass on the bestknown tracks, like Milford-Trek, has to register in good
• Other object of the world heritage includes national
parks Westland and Mount Cook. Here is located Mount
Cook, the highest top of New Zealand which Maori call
Aorangi – "Piercing clouds".
• These edges are wellknown not only high
mountains, but also the
world's largest glaciers,
including a 29-kilometer
glacier of Tasman in
Mount Cook park and
Franz Joseph's glaciers
in park Westland.
• The northern island is well-known for the picturesque
corners of a volcanic relief. The national park Mount Egmont lies 300 years at a foot of the sleeping
volcano Egmont. Tourists can rise by its top, having
made a one-day campaign, and in the winter crowds of
fans of mountain skiing gather in this park.
• Three active volcanoes –
Ruapehu, Ngaurukhoe and
Tongariro, are in Tongariro
National Park. This park is
founded in 1894 and is the oldest
park of New Zealand. It is wellknown for the falls, lakes and hot
• The national park Urever is the largest on the Northern
• Lake Uaykaremoan is one of the most beautiful lakes
of New Zealand. This lake is in the southern part of the
• A number of bird's
reserves is created on
small islands at coast of
New Zealand. In these
reserves found the
shelter of a tuatara –
surprising sea
pangolins, the only
reptiles which consist
related to the died-out
dinosaurs long ago.
In the wake of "Lord of the Rings”
• New Zealand is known not only the nature. The landscapes shaking
on beauty and singularity became scenery for many movies. But
"Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" are especially popular. Peter
Jackson said: “You can shoot in any direction 360 °». For shootings
of these movies in New Zealand the whole country Hobbiton.
Hobbiton filming location: Matamata, New Zealand. Shire was
established on private farms in the vicinity of the small town of
Matamata, where the crew spent almost four months. After shooting
scenery decided to disassemble. So was the land owners’ wish.
After the release of the first film, "Lord of the Rings. Fellowship
of the Ring "in Matamata began a pilgrimage of tourists. The city
therefore has received the second, unofficial name - Hobbiton.
Mount Olympus
Fellowship of the Ring is hiding here from the black crows
of Saruman.
Peaks Takaka hills has a pretty fantastic view. It seems that there is a powerful tornado swept
through, leaving behind scattered around the neighborhood bizarre boulders and pieces of
rocks. Most of the rock formations - from marble, but it's not the only reason for which is to
come here. The fact is that in the surrounding hills there is the deepest cave in New Zealand
under the name Harwood’s Hole. Takaka Hills became part of the fairy Middle-earth in the
film "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey. "
This mountain has been used as a filming location of "The Lord
of the Rings" and then appeared in "The Hobbit" as the Misty
• Anatole France told: "Travel learn more, than
something. Sometimes one day spent in other
places gives more, than ten years of life of the
house." I hope that during our short travel across
New Zealand you opened for yourself something
new. I also hope that it will be interesting to you
to learn in more detail both about national parks
of New Zealand and about the country created
by people Hobbiton.
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