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Конкурс: Обычаи и традиции: мост от прошлого к будущему.
Пацуков Александр Владимирович, ученик 10 класса.
МКОУ Павловская СОШ.
Руководитель: Калмыкова Светлана Николаевна.
Table of contents:
1. Ireland – customs and traditions
2. Religious holidays
3. Attitude towards tourists
4. Folk and contemporary music
5. Festivals and fine art
6. Saints Brigid and Patrick
7. Wedding traditions
8. The stone of scone
9. Irish solo dance
10.Used sources of information
Ireland - customs
and traditions
Ireland boasts a large number of
folk customs. Many ancient
traditions have been preserved
since time immemorial. Examples
of such traditions are fair,
accompanied by folk dances and
musicians, acrobats magicians in
the squares in the city centre.
Besides, fairs are held various
One of the most important holiday
is St. Patrick's day, which is
celebrated every year on March 17.
On this day, local residents dress
up in green clothes, hosting parties
with music, lots of beer, and of
course with their favorite dances.
A rather strange custom was
associated with the Day of birth.
The birthday on this day turned
upside down and lightly hit his
head on the floor as many times as
he was plus one.
The Irish are friendliness and
politeness. As a rule to foreigners,
they will be curious, but in relation
to the British cautious. The peculiar
temper of the Irish care and desire
to help.
With regard to the rules of conduct
that you should know about tour,
to welcome the Irish usually raise
index finger up, and then do the
head nod and handshake. In
addition, it should be remembered
that the country has not accepted
the embrace between men, except
in such cases as a football match.
Irish folk music has preserved its
tradition which traced the attraction to
the music of the indigenous peoples of
the United States. For Irish music is
also characterized by a mixture of
different classes, such as rock-n-roll,
punk rock, and other variations.
Besides folk music, the country is also
prevalent modern classical music,
although it is not so popular. Folk
music followed certain traditional
principles, and accompanied by
dancing. For a typical musical rhythm
characterized by guitar and bouzouki,
but in the 19th century also became
popular born and tambourine.
Folk music is usually performed on a
special occasion, such as during
weddings or festivals. Among folk
dances: reel, Hornpipe, jig, Mazurka,
polka, and many others. Among
traditional musical instruments: violin,
flute, whistle, Irish bagpipes, harp,
accordion, concertina, banjo, guitar,
bouzouki, mandolin, bowran,
harmonica, and many others.
In Ireland it is possible to meet
works of primitive fine art,
expressed by a spiritual thread, and
you can find a lot of products from
the bronze age, attractive imitations
of gold, educational manuscripts,
which can be found in the region of
Newgrange. Some notable painters
are John Butler Yeats, William
Orpena, Jack Yeats and Louis Le
The Irish often hold fairs and
festivals, celebrated with all the
panache. Taking part in the
"Festival gourmet" in the town of
Kinsale you can enjoy gastronomic
delights. Bachelors do not miss the
opportunity to attend "a Festival
Dating" in Lisdoonvarna, being
Europe's largest festival of this
kind. In County Kerry is fair "Puck
Fair", during which a goat is
crowned majestically, and is
proclaimed king. Finally, mention
should be made of the fair "Ould
Lammas Fair", held at the North of
the County Antrim, and attracts
thousands of visitors.
. One of the most fun and popular
winter holidays Ireland is, of
course, New year's eve, the whole
world celebrates the 1st of January.
What's different about this holiday
in the country with the "emerald
Islands"? For example, 31
December evening the Irish open
the front door of his house, "the
Old year to produce, and New –
miss". And anyone with him will
be included at this time in the
house, will be most welcome.
Approximately with the same deep
meaning in this day, always lit
candles by the window, ring bells,
sing loud songs. And after the
chimes strike twelve, the people of
Ireland love to gather in large noisy
company and go to celebrate the
holiday on the streets and squares
of your city.
The Irish are very religious people.
And it is not surprising that
important national holidays of
Ireland have become special days
associated with the names revered
in this country of the Saints.
On the first day of February the
Irish with reverence celebrate the
Day of Saint Brigid — it is believed
that Brigid was helped by the
virgin Mary during childbirth. On
this day, on the doors of Irish
houses hung with woven cane
crosses, and trees and bushes – tape
and paper strips. The Irish believe
that all this brings them in the
house well being.
But the most important national
holidays of Ireland is, of course, St.
Patrick's Day — the patron and
protector of Ireland. Celebrations
are held all day and night, March
17, one of the most unusual ways.
The Irish believe in the legend that
St. Patrick, long before his death
had learned the date of his death
and commanded to remember him
on this day, not with tears, and fun.
The Irish have never violated his
In Scottish villages still have an
unusual wedding tradition. There the
bride before the wedding throw
mud, making it in the truest sense.
Of course, it happens not on the day
of the ceremony, and in any of the
preceding, when it announced a
future celebration. When you do this,
just pour the girl with dirty waternot enough Scots. They are preparing
a special mix! It includes a large
number of sticky substances and
unpleasant sauces, eggs, butter,
pasta, sour milk. Nasty liquid is
always welcome! The poor bride
from head to toe is just this horrible
mixture. But here participants of the
ritual are in no hurry to let her go
home. The girl drive around the city,
setting the stage for throughout
drinking establishments. Everyone
should see that the ritual is
successfully completed. What's its
meaning? According to one of the
local beliefs after this humiliation, all
the subsequent antics of the husband
wife seem irrelevant.
In Ireland there has been an
unusual tradition in the small
villages and observe today.
According to the ritual during the
wedding dance the bride had to get
their feet off the ground so she
wasn't kidnapped fairies. After all,
these little creatures according to
the legends I love everything
beautiful. And is there at the
wedding, something more
beautiful than the bride? Also in
Ireland the whole ceremony the
bride gave a ring or bracelet from a
person's hair. This souvenir was to
help connect the lovers for life.
Another tradition in Ireland is
devoted to the kiss with a ... rock.
He is part of the famous Scone of
stone and built into the wall of
Blarney castle. Kiss with the old
relic, in the opinion of the Irish,
grant to the participant of the
ceremony a special eloquence. To
carry out the ritual, we have a
special way to hover with a high
parapet, threatening, in case of
failure, with serious injuries.
Statistics are silent as to what
percentage a person who kisses the
cold block has achieved
unprecedented success in oratory,
but many still perform a strange
ritual. By the way, this attraction
Ireland recognized as "the most
unhygienic in Europe".
This is one of the most ancient on
Earth types of dances, because the
first mention of them dates back to
the eleventh century. Difficult to
find another like this, rhythmic and
spectacular dance.
Irish solo dance (Irish step-dance) is
a kind of demonstration dances,
which originated in Ireland and
evolved from a traditional Irish
dance. Irish solo dance is
developing in most countries with
major Irish Diaspora, though not all
dancers are of Irish origin.
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