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Суспицына Любовь презентация о традициях

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Ученик: Суспицына Любовь
9-А класс
Учитель: Карюкина Светлана Геррисовна
In England, there are many
interesting and unusual traditions.
 One of the unusual tradition is tradition to hold the festival
every year in the city of crabs Ergemonte.
 He called not because of the seafood, but because of
the apple Gudulu (crab apple). This festival goes back
to the XIII century, when the owner of the estate gave
apple Gudulu ordinary population. In fact, apple carts
parade, when people throw apples at each other, a part
of the fair.
 During crab festival hosts many events: climbing the
slippery pole, pipe smoking, a talent show. Especially
worth highlight kumberlansky wrestling competition
and among dogs.
 Another no less quaint English tradition with more than 200
years of history - Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake.
 This event is held annually on the last Monday in May
at noon on a hill Cooper in Gloucester.
 The point of this bizarre tradition that all participants
are literally chasing after cheese head, which descends
from a very steep hill. Funny sight, is not it?
 Another of the most interesting traditions seemed to me Guy
Fawkes Night (or Bonfire Night), held on November 5 in
some parts of the UK.
 Guy Fawkes Night - a traditional celebration dedicated
to the failed attempt to blow up the Houses of
Parliament in Westminster.
 At this time, Guy Fawkes effigy burned at the stake.
Often this action is accompanied by fireworks.
 Even more bizarre tradition is snorkelling in the swamp. Can
you imagine ?!
 Participants paddle speed in a trench 120 feet in
length, filled with mud. They put on glasses,
nyryalnaya tube, a pair of flippers and a diving suit.
 These competitions are held each year for charitable
 Not devoid of oddities and following tradition - Day
Straw Bear.
 This Old English tradition, which is held on 7 January.
This day is considered the beginning of the day of the
English farming. It is held in small towns and
Huntingdonshire Cambridgeshire, including Remzi
 On this day, a man or boy from head to toe clothe
themselves in the straw suit. Then he goes home,
where he dances. For his dancing bear straw gets the
money, beer or food. Strange, is not it?
 And last, and most strange tradition: the tradition of
hunting for worms.
 It is a kind of sport. Since 1980 in the village of
Vullaston that Nenstvicha near Cheshire held the
world championship in luring worms. The competition
was first organized by a local resident Tom Shaflbotam
that July 5, 1980 lure of the land 511 worms in half an
 We have 18 of the rules of the championship. Here are
some of them:
- Each participant allotted plot 3x3 meters;
- Worms can lure the music of all genres;
- It does not use drugs;
- Water is considered a drug.
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