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Cosmetic Bag

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Cosmetic Bag
Rising Home and Fashion Brand Grateful Home Announces Release of “Make That Up” Large Hanging
Cosmetics Bag and Organizer
Despite their utmost efforts, a great many women suffer from a topsy-turvy approach to the
that they store their cosmetics, frequently resulting in lost make-up, higher expenses and also lost time.
Fortunately, home as well as fashion brand Grateful Home have announced your release of their
solution to this problem, the actual “Make It Up” Large Cosmetics Bag along with Organizer. Customers
have responded with enthusiasm.
Make Up Bag
Makeup is unquestionably a topic many women feel totally passionate about, and for good
explanation. Breakthrough products are more exciting than previously. Sadly, where many fall short is in
keeping their particular makeup organized along with under control. Far from a minimal issue, this
typically turns into makeup becoming lost or misplaced, which usually adds to makeup bills rising and
time put in wondering just where your favorite something went. The great news, popular home and
fashion brand Grateful Home has released their new merchandise, that's designed to resolve these kinds
of problems, the particular “Make It Up” Large Hanging Cosmetics Bag as well as Organizer. The new
product is expertly built to organize and keep makeup, a great choice both for the home and also when
staying somewhere else.
“Our “Make This Up” cosmetic bag, epitomizes the fun nature behind putting on make-up,”
commented Sophie Webb, President of Grateful Home. “The idea of “making yourself up” has the feel
about it of making one thing up, creating something on the fly, improvising, lying. If we put on make up,
we reinvent ourselves, and that we have fun doing it, and this make up bag has the look and feel we all
associate with putting on make up and setting up a new image of ourselves.”
Based on the company, the bag is constructed of top grade 600d polyester material, featuring
several chambers to best retailer all the makeup necessities. The bag is very attractive, produced in
polka dots and printed with an inspirational “Make It Up” logo over the side for all to see. The bag is
even water-proof to protect against spills, and the latch design and style makes it easy to hang the
actual bag in nearly any bathroom. The 11'' by 5'' dimension is large enough to handle nearly any
woman's beauty product needs.
Bethany Gershon, an Australian Web Content Producer who journeys internationally for
function was one of group of test participants who helped realize design for the bag. She recently
remarked on the design, “For us the most important thing was using a lot of pouches so that I can bring
all of my make ups as well as creams with me on a journey and feel like I needed everything I’d have at
home. I also really like the fact that it can hang open from a hook with a hotel bathroom walls. So I can
reach throughout and grab brushes and bottles whilst I’m getting ready without needing to distribute
everything all over the countertop.” She adds, “I love the bright colored polka dots that remind myself
of the color palette options from my make up. And the words “Make It Up” are an inspiring aspect to
see staring rear at me at the start of the day.”
The “Make That Up” Cosmetics Bag and Organizer is available for the market.
Early feedback via customers about the bag may be very positive.
Tina Utes., recently said in a five star review, “This is really a cute Makeup bag. I really like that I can
hang this at my eye level, instead of having to bend over and look if it is on the counter. The colorful
Polka dot design can be so cute. It has A couple of zippered pockets on the outside and so the main
zipper for your inside of the bag, which has plenty of storage. It is a pretty big bag with lots of storage
which will help to keep everything you have organized and in place when you travel. Then whenever you
come home, you can just dangle it back up where it goes. This would make a fantastic gift for that
makeup products wearer you love! Strongly recommended.”
For more information about Toiletry Bag visit our website.
Sophie Webb
PO Box 93554
Los Angeles California 90093 US
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