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My hobby

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Презентация о моем увлечении БЖД , дома поселила уже несколько таких красоток, если кому-нибудь будет интересно сделаю презентацию о своих собственных куклах.
The World of dolls. My Hobby.
It was done by Kostyrenkova Larissa.Orsk.
In this presentation I would like to tell
you about the dolls which are
presented in the internet .
The Types of Dolls.
• There are a lot of types of dolls. I would like
to tell you about the famous producers and
sites where these dolls can be found and
bought. Some of dolls I have in my own
collection. My parents and relatives often
present me with such beauties. By the way a
lot of people have started collecting dolls
recently. It is a modern hobby. Every doll has
got a special name.
The official site of WildeImagination, Inc. (dolls –
Ellowyne Wild and Evangeline Ghastly)
Blithe Spirit - UFDC Exclusive 2011
Blithe Spirit - UFDC Exclusive 2011
Photo Gallery:
Blithe Spirit - UFDC Exclusive 2011
Price: $190.00
A UFDC 2011 Convention Exclusive!
Silvery/Platinum hair Ellowyne with inset brown eyes
and applied lashes. Outfit consists of long-sleeved
mesh bodysuit, off-white corset with lace, matching
multi-tiered skirt, sequined scarf (not
shown), stockings, designer shoes, and
jewelry. Designer saddle stand and Certificate of
Authenticity are also included. LE 150
Estimated Ship Date: Sold Out
Debut Date: August 2011
Evangeline Ghastly .My beloved dolls.
Cobwebs and Tulle Bustierre - Spring
2011 ( as I have already said each doll
has a name)
Evangeline wrote a diary. Every
doll has got even her own story.
Dear Diary,
Another winter has almost gone, and I think I
may have outdone myself with all of my sewing!
I discovered so many beautiful fabrics hidden
away in the attic - they just seemed to appear
out of nowhere - and were such an inspiration. I
think they'll be perfect for work. I'm trying for a
big promotion at the mortuary and want to look
my very best when I approach Mr. Mort. These
new creations are sure to impress him and all
of the clients - perhaps even Mortimer will take
notice. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I've
enjoyed creating them. ~ Love, Evangeline
Each Victorian-inspired Attic Separate is crafted
of the highest quality fabrics and trims left
behind in the attic by cherished Ghastly
relatives. Each is created especially
for Evangeline Ghastly, comes packaged
separately, and fits both resin and vinyl versions
of Evangeline. The Cobwebs and Tulle
Bustierre is part of the Attic Collection, Three.
Expected Ship Date: SOLD OUT
Debut Date: Spring 2011
Some more pictures of Evangeline.
Graveside Flowers (resin) - A
Wilde Weekend Exclusive
Dark Innocence Evangeline Tonner Con Exclusive
The official site of Tonner® Doll Company, Inc.
(куклы Тоннеры)
Some more pictures of Tonner Dolls.
Scarlett from Tonner.
And again Scarlett as a bride.
The official site of Franklin Mint dolls
Porcelain dolls
by Franklin
Nicely dressed
girls in historic
costumes. They
are decorated
with rich
materials such as
pearls and
expensive lace.
Every doll has a
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