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Воровщикова Л. The worst castles

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«Страны изучаемого языка – вчера, сегодня, завтра»
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The worst castles.
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.
Glamis castle in Scotland.
Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, the
Tower of London
High gate Cemetery
Locks are a very popular tourist destination. Many of them can
boast a collection of armor and weapons, antique furniture, parks.
And of course each castle has a fascinating history. And it is not
always good. Some locks can boast ghosts, but somewhere,
rumored to settle and the gates of hell. It is time to learn more
about the most terrifying castles of the world.
In Edinburgh, the belief in ghosts will find even an inveterate skeptic. Although
science and denies the existence of such a phenomenon, eyewitnesses claim that
met with disembodied images of the walls of the legendary Castle. It was built in
the XII century. It has legend that the castle still roams restless ghost piper who got
lost exploring underground labyrinths. And when the structure was in danger, it
could be heard drumming. It beats the headless soldier musician in his time, he
warned of the approach of the troops of Oliver Cromwell. There is a castle and a
ghost dog, he walks on the local cemetery
One of the most beautiful castles in Scotland - Glamis Castle is known for its
mystical stories and legends. According to witnesses, the castle is inhabited by
several violent ghosts: Bearded Earl, Grey Lady and the Monster Glamis.
Bearded Count or Lord Glemis was a cruel man. One day he wanted to play cards on
Sunday that it was a sin. Due to the fact that it was not willing to, he said, which
can play even with the devil himself. The next day, the castle was strange stranger.
He was the devil, get him Count to eternal torment.
In the 16th century castle mistress Lady Janet Douglas was accused of witchcraft and
burned alive at the stake. Since then, the silhouette of the Gray Lady regularly
appears above the towers of the castle.
Monster Glamis - the specter of an incredibly ugly child, who kept locked up in his life.
At night, he wanders through the corridors of the castle.
Tower, Fortress, standing on the north bank of the Thames is the
historic center of London and one of the oldest buildings in
England. It is said that this is the place that has ghosts and
phantoms. In my opinion, such an impression is not it amazing
how we can think, knowing how many people died within its
walls. In the Middle Ages the king's favor could result in
imprisonment in the dungeons of the Tower, which often leads
to certain death.
There are, for example, witnesses the ghost of Anne Boleyn, the
second wife Henrih VIII, beheaded here in 1536.
At the cemetery, you will feel like in a horror movie: ancient
tombs, gravestones, headless figures of angels, crumpled grave
jammed names on the gravestones, brrr ...
With High gate Cemetery involves a lot of mystery and horror
stories. It is said that 50-60 years ago, there appeared a vampire,
who watched for passersby or careless visitors to the cemetery.
My advice if you will be there, do not stay overnight in the
perimeter of the place.
Now, I hope you have enriched the list of places of Great Britain,
which is worth a visit during a visit to that country. The main
thing to overcome your fear :)
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