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Ивашкова Е. British traditions

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Презентация «Страны изучаемого языка – вчера, сегодня, завтра» 1. Общее положение.
Ивашкова Евгения
11 класс
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Баннова Людмила
Britain. Age-old customs and
Age-old traditions and customs
Food tradition
Darts, checkers and chess
Age-old traditions and customs Britain.
For every Briton dear to the heart
memories of a glorious past and a
commitment to old traditions. Even
strange custom, which causes a lot of
inconvenience, no one will cancel because
it is "native English" and has existed since
time immemorial and therefore worthy of
The British persistently cling to the
customs, which for over 300 years. For
them the word "old" means reliable. And
any new ideas arouse suspicion. They
have old houses have soul, and new ones
are not.
No nation in the world will not eat cooked
vegetables and roast beef in one and the
same time every Sunday throughout his
life. This is a traditional Sunday lunch,
which with respect is part of every
The famous tradition of English tea with
milk. Another tradition associated with tea
"five o'clock". Particularly sensitive to
time. It is believed that this tea party
invite only the closest people.
Аll play cricket in the summer . Many
consider it to be uninteresting, due to the
low mobility and low activity. But it has
many gimmicks and tricks, just need to
get better acquainted with the game.
Darts, checkers and chess are popular in the
country. The British are distinguished by selfrestraint. Reasoning people dry and
communication is not different emotionality.
Brits are avoiding negations. Instead of "fine
and dandy" the ordinary Englishman will say
"good, normal". But don't look of arrogance. It
was just such a mentality With all these
"features" they are sociable.
The locals have an odd habit of joking at all.
Foreigners puzzled just sometimes.
English traditions are manifested in the caution
as a sign of respect for his companion. Hence
they tend to avoid negations, using: "maybe", "I
think", "I think", etc.
For dinner British people change into some other
clothes. Holidays customs traditions Britain, all
the residents try to stick to.
Interesting British traditions attributed such events as
the ability to pose the face, which is based on the ability
to make ugly faces; running with rolling cheese. For this
competition, which is held on the last Monday of may,
come from everywhere. Cheese allowed on the slope
down, and the participants are catching up; dance
around the Maypole. Dancing around the tall pole, which
is predecorated with colorful ribbons and garlands;
pearly king and Queen. This is one of the charitable
cultural traditions of the working class of London. Such
traditions of great Britain and Russia are not similar. In
Russia it is not.
1, January 2, the British celebrate the New year.
On 17 March in Ireland celebrate Valentine's Day. Patrick.
After the first day of Easter - Bright Monday
Holy week - good Friday
25 December celebrate Christmas
Also, weekend days are the last Monday in may or first in June; the
last Monday in August or the first Monday in September and
"Glorious twelfth of July".
During holidays, almost all organizations don't work.
Carnival. Here it is not so magnificently, as in many other countries.
However, it also held fisticuffs, competitions, football. Women
especially are having fun, by participating in the contest with
pancakes. They must run a certain distance with a hot pan in his
hands. Damn, who is it, you have to ride at least 3 times during this
time. Mother's day (March 26). This holiday is similar traditions, on
March 8. Grandmothers and mothers receive from children and
grandchildren the flowers on this day the women rest, and close
them free from all homework. April fool's day. The date can not
speak, it is known to all. Jokes, pranks, fun – that's what is full that
day. Even the media joined the fun. But there is one special feature
– the jokes are limited. It is allowed to do only until 12 noon. The
Queen's birthday. June marks the birthday of the monarch of
England. In the afternoon you can see the magnificent ceremonial
parade and evening fireworks and mass celebrations.-
Again, the British are hospitable and
welcoming people that honors its roots
and respects the traditions.
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