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traditions in the UK

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Christmas symbols and
traditions in the UK
Traditions and customs are considered cultural heritage of
each country. One of the countries where they keep and
revere their traditions and customs, is the United Kingdom.
In the UK Christmas is celebrated on December 25. The
official opening of the Christmas season is Advent. Advent
– pre-Christmas post, it begins 4 weeks before Christmas.
The very first symbols of
Christmas – advent
calendars. This small
calendars for 24 days with
little doors for each date.
Every day it is allowed to
open only one door, which
corresponds to the new
Christmas, the most popular holiday in great Britain. It's a
family holiday. Traditionally all relatives and friends gather
together and give each other.
For the first time the celebration of Christmas on 25th
December was in writing referred to in 336 ad during the reign
of the Roman Emperor Constantine Perhaps the choice of
December 25 was connected with drops out for December, the
Roman winter festival of "Saturnalia" and solar holiday "Birth
of the Invincible Sun" .
The custom to present gifts at Christmas has become
entrenched in the UK in the Victorian era (1837 to 1901.).
Prior to this it was decided to give gifts only on New year's
day or the feast of the Epiphany.
The tradition belonging to the Victorian era. They say that
Santa Claus somehow flew over the house and dropped a few
gold coins They dropped into the chimney straight into socks,
which were drying over the fireplace. Ever since then on
Christmas eve it is customary to hang the stockings over the
fireplace or bed, hoping that there are something falls.
The first Christmas tree appeared in great Britain in 1830-ies.
In 1895 an American telephones invented the electric
Christmas lights similar to the ones we use today.
Holly, ivy and other
greenery, such as
mistletoe was used
before Christmas as
decorations during the
festival of the Winter
The history of Christmas mistletoe hanging in the house
dates back to the times of the ancient druids. It has
mystical properties that bring good luck into the house and
cast out evil spirits.
Christmas songs — special songs, which are performed at
Christmas. They sung about Jesus Christ and the time of his birth.
One of the main traditions of these weeks are wreaths with
candles. A wreath is usually made of juniper, it must be four
candles set in a circle. On Christmas day in the center of
the wreath is a fifth candle set.
Long before the tradition of Christmas trees used Christmas or
Christmas log. The log was supposed to burn for twelve days and
nights. According to legend, the ash of the burnt Yule log had magical
properties and cured from disease, protected from evil spirits. Today in
Britain the Yule log replace thick Christmas candle.
Santa Claus is a grandfather in a red dress with a long white
beard. He travels through the sky on a sled in sled reindeer
enters the house through the chimney at night and puts gifts for
children in stockings over the fireplace and in front of the tree.
One of the sweet symbol
of Christmas is the candy
cane. This is a piece of
candy in the shape of a
cane . Such parents give
sweets to their children
for Christmas.
People around the world send Christmas cards to friends and
family. The first Christmas card was created and sent in 1843.
The tradition of giving each other and receiving gifts on
Christmas is a reminder of the gifts presented to Jesus by the
wise men of frankincense, gold and myrrh.
Another symbol and tradition of Christmas cookies that
children leave out for Santa on the fireplace as a symbol of
gratitude for the work he performs every Christmas.
Traditional Christmas dinner in the UK always includes a Turkey
with potatoes and other vegetables. After dinner follows the
Christmas pudding.
A festive mood prevails in the UK for about a month. Along
with the traditional wishes “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy
New Year!” you often hear“Have a Happy Holiday Season”.
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