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II муниципальный конкурс
мультимедийных презентаций на
иностранном языке «Страны изучаемого
языка – вчера, сегодня, завтра»
Номинация: «Обычаи и традиции: мост от
прошлого к будущему».
Елышева Кристина Александровна
МКОУ Атамановской СОШ
11 класс
Руководитель проекта:
Данилова Людмила Николаевна
Discovery of Australia
Geographical position
The climate
Rivers and mountains
Amazing places
Canberra - Australia's capital
Australian cities
Traditions and celebretions
Discovery of Australia
 It was discovered by the Dutch in 1606, but the continent was not
settled till Captain Cook discovered the east coast in 1770. It was first
used as colony for convicts.
Geographical position
Australia is an island. It's the world's largest island. And it's the only
country that has a whole continent to itself!
Australia is located to the south of Asia between the Pacific and Indian
The total area of the country is 7.7 million square km.
The climate
 Australia is the flattest and driest continent. Two-thirds of the land is
desert. In some places it sometimes doesn't rain for years! The driest
and hottest place in Australia is the Simpson Desert. Summer
temperatures here can be more than 50°C. The Simpson Desert is
famous for its parallel sand dunes.
Australia’s rivers
 The greatest Australia’s rivers are the Murray and the Darling. A
number of short rivers flow from the Australian Alps and Blue
Mountains into the Pacific Ocean.
The Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the largest
coral reef in the world and the only
living thing on our planet
that can be seen from space! There
are more than 1,500 kinds of fish and
400 types of coral in the Great
Reef. No place on land has a
variety of sea life!
Rock Uluru
One of the most beautiful things you can see in Australia is Ayers
Rock(Uluru). This huge rock is 348 metres high and 348 kilometres long,
But what you see of Uluru is the top of the iceberg. There are another
2,100 metres under the ground. Uluru is 600 million years old. Uluru is a
sacred place for Australia's native people,the Aborigines. They believe
that it's full of spirits that created the world.
The highest
point of
Australia is
Mount Kosciusko (2,228 m)
The population of the country is more than 20
million people. It is mainly of British
origin.Most of them live in the eight large cities.
There are about 200000 aborigines (native
inhabitants) in Australia.
The flag of Australia: the red,
white and blue Union Jack in
the upper left quarter,
indicating Australia’s
membership in the
Commonwealth, the white
five-star Southern Cross in the
right half; and the white
seven-pointed federal star
blow the Union Jack. The
national anthem of Australia
is «Advance Australia Fair»
 Australian coat of arms consists
of a shield supported by
kangaroo and EMU (animals that
live only in that country). The
shield is divided into six parts,
each of which depicts, in turn,
the arms of one of the States that
are part of the state. Rays the
seven pointed star at the top also
symbolize the six States and one
Federal district of Canberra.
Canberra - Australia's capital
Canberra - capital of Australia (Commonwealth of Australia),
administrative, scientific and cultural center of the state.
The population - more than 345 000.
The area of the capital - 805.6 km2.
Currently, Canberra - one of the most beautiful capitals in the world
Sydney - Australia's largest city. Area - 12 thousand sq. Km.
Population - 4.50 million (2009).
Sydney - the capital of New South Wales.
The city was founded in 1788 by Arthur Phillip.
The town was named in honor of Lord colonists Sydney - a former
minister at the time a British colony.
Melbourne - the second largest city in Australia, the capital of Victoria.
Melbourne was founded in 1835.
The population of the suburbs - about 3.8 million (2007).
The city is considered one of the major commercial, industrial and
cultural centers of Australia. Melbourne is also often called "the sporting
and cultural capital" of the country
New Year
The main paradox of this holiday is that Australians celebrate it in the
summer . When the majority of Russian cities covered with snow in the
southern hemisphere - the sun and the debilitating heat . In Australia,
the New Year is celebrated vigorously , especially in the state capitals .
All the festivities are usually held in the open air .
Australia Day
 This festival marks the
beginning of the development
of the Green continent by
Europeans . January 26, 1788
Captain Arthur Phillip landed
in the Bay of Sydney , raised
the British flag and founded
the first colony - New South
Wales . Australia Day - a
favorite holiday of Australians .
Across the country, playing the
landing of the first fleet , there
are numerous regattas and
 Easter is celebrated in a variety of
ways. The main day of celebrations
of Anglo- Irish background is
Easter Sunday. Some people go to
church services and have hot cross
buns for breakfast.
 In recent years Easter bilbys have
also been made . The bilby is a
native animal in Australia, which is
an endangered species. Many
families have an Easter hunt in
their homes or gardens to see who
can find the most eggs on Easter
Australia is a fascinating country. It is full of strange and wonderful
places, unusual animals and amazing culture.
Australia is called “ the upside down world”, because it lies in the
Southern Hemisphere where winter comes in July and summer begins in
December. It’s realy the Lucky Country!
 Методическая мозаика-приложение к журналу «Иностранные
языки в школе» 2\2006 автор: Н.П.Каменецкая
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