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Дусянова Шолпан Айтпаевна
МКОУ Атамановской СОШ
8 класс
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Данилова Людмила
 Geographical
 Mountains and Rivers
 Flag
 The State Emblem
 Flower Emblem
 Washington DC
 Some sights of Washington
 Major cities of America
 Americans holidays
The USA is one of the largest countries in
the world. It stretches from the Atlantic
Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in
the west and from Canada in the north to
Mexico in the south. It’s one of the most
powerful and advanced countries in the
The official or political name of the
AMERICA because the country
consists of 50 states. The country is
usually known by a shorter name or
the abbreviation THE USA. The
country is often known as AMERICA
because of the name of the continent.
The USA is divided into three areas: the
Eastern area – highland, where the
Appalachian Mountains are situated, the
Central area – plain, and the Western area
which is mountainous and includes the
Cordilleras and the Rocky Mountains.
The St. Lawrence River joins the water of
the five lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The
main rivers of the USA are the Mississippi,
the Missouri, the Yukon. The Mississippi is
the longest river.
Mountains, Lakes, Rivers
American flag
The American flag is known as THE
STARS AND STRIPES. It consists of
fifty stars which represent the fifty
states. Thirteen red and while horizontal
stripes stand for the original thirteen
States that were united in 1776.
The national emblem of the United States
The symbol of the country is the BALDHEADED EAGLE with its wings spread on
a white background.
The first Americans chose the eagle as the
emblem to symbolise their power. The
bald eagle owes its name to the early
American colonists
National Flower Emblem - Rose
In October 1985, the floral symbol of the
United States pursuant to resolution of the
Senate became a rose. A November 20,
1986, President Reagan issued a
proclamation number 5574 "Rose - the
national floral emblem of the United States
of America."
The USA has the third
largest population in
the world. The United
States of
America has probably
one of the most “mixed
populations in the
world. This is why it is
often called “a melting
Washington DC is the capital of the USA. It
is situated not far from the east coast of
the country, on the banks of the Potomac
Some sights of Washington
The Washington Monument
White House
The Capitol - the heart of Washington.
The Capitol got his
name in the analogy
with ancient Roman
cathedral – Capitol. It
looks fantastically
beautiful at night !
The Washington Monument, the tallest
stone structure in Washington. It is
called the "Pencil" because of its
shape. There is an elevator, which will
carry you to 500-foot level observation
White House - the residence of the US
President. At first it was called the President
House. In 1814 it was burnt down by the
British troops, and then restored and
painted in white to hide the smoke marks.
So people started calling it the White House.
Major cities of America:
New York
Los Angeles
Independence Day
The Independence Day is celebrated on 4
of July, the Declaration of Independence
was signed. It proclaimed independence of
the thirteen British colonies from Great
Britain. July, 4 has become the greatest
holiday since then.
Thanksgiving Day is marked on the fourth
Thursday of November. On this day the
Americans honour the memory of the first
settlers. It also marks the end of the
harvest season. It is a long-standing
tradition to make a festive meal with a
friend turkey on this day.
Americans celebrate
Christmas on December
25. Christmas is a
religious holiday. It is
the most popular
holiday. They celebrate
the birth of Jesus Christ.
Americans prepare for
Christmas weeks before.
They buy gifts for their
families and friends.
American children celebrate Halloween on
October 31. Children wear masks and
colorful costumes. The most popular
costumes are ghosts, witches, and
skeletons. The children walk door to door
in the neighborhood and shout “trick of
treat!” Most people give them a treat –
candy or fruit.
Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14 of
February. It is a day of love and friendship.
Americans send greeting cards to our
sweethearts and friends and ask them to
“Be My Valentine”. This means “Be my
friend or love”.
The USA is a great country. There are
many unusual and beautiful places and
sights to see. The tourists of the world are
fond of changing in the American life. It
has an interesting history and full of hope
in the future. America is an example of
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