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страны изучаемого языка- вчера, сегодня, завтра

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Макаров Дмитрий Валентинович
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Середа Карлыгаш Жоланбековна
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English-speaking people.
New York.
Hong Kong.
359 million people
Approximately 359 million people speak English
as their first language.
The United States and the United
More than half of these (231 million) live in
the United States, followed by some 60
million in the United Kingdom, the first place
where English was spoken.
New York
New York, USA. New York - the largest
English-speaking city in the world . He
is the center of the metropolitan area
has a population of about 21.2 million
inhabitants. The town itself has a
population comprising 8.25 million
inhabitants. Although most
residents New York - people from
different parts of the world ,
something that connects them - is
During a walk through the city travelers will notice a lot of interesting
features, many things may seem rather peculiar and unexpected. So,
the usual bus stop there is a conventional metal pole on which is fixed
a round traffic sign with a picture of the bus. Here you can see the
schedule of routes and traffic scheme, which is quite convenient for
those who are planning to travel a lot around the city.
Surprise and local pharmacies, which in addition to the drugs you can
buy literally everything, down to the appliances. While relaxing in the
park tourists are literally attacking the flocks of protein. They are not
afraid of people and are a kind of symbol of the city. For tourists
feeding hand protein has become one of the most exciting and
interesting entertainment that is a pleasure, not only people, but also
cute fluffy creatures. Local residents are very popular bikes. However,
this mode of transport is likely way to deal with huge traffic jams,
rather than caring about the environment. Cyclists in New York can be
seen on all roads and in all weather.
London, Great Britain. London - the
second largest English-speaking city in the
world, and according to some sources,
even the largest. The city is home to about
8.2 million inhabitants not including urban
agglomeration. Because of its specific
focus, which is typical for the southern
parts of England, London is considered
one of the best places in the world to
learn English.
One of the main traits of local residents is strict adherence to
the rules, with regard to absolutely all spheres of life.
Londoners are very attentive and diligent in work, they are
patiently for registration of various papers and documents
very carefully and follow the rules of the road. It is worth
noting that the same they expect from the visitors. Any
violation of the public order or the accepted norms can cause
resentment and bewilderment. Indigenous people are very
sensitive to nature. While walking through the city is unlikely
to see people wearing fur or leather. Even the Royal Guard
soldiers were forced to change the shape and caps instead of
natural bear fur to wear hats made of artificial materials.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong. Hong Kong's population of 7.1
million inhabitants not including surrounding
towns and urban agglomerations. This city is a
giant part in outside of China but enjoys
considerable sovereignty. Due to long years of
British rule, English is - an inseparable part of life
of local residents.
The locals are very sensitive to issues related to education.
Man with a prestigious profession is respected by all, and
teachers at all considered the most wise men. Indigenous
people tend to be conservative views, they are very hard to
survive any innovations and revered customs of their
ancestors. Even long-term influence of the West has not
been able to break the relationship of indigenous people to
their religion and culture. They borrowed from the
Europeans all the best, retaining, at the same time, the
spiritual values. For residents of the city is very important to
public opinion. Even people from poor families are always
satisfied with the lavish celebrations, and weddings here and
all are like royal.
Conclusion .
In my opinion the English language, each person
should know. For now almost all demand
knowledge of English.
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