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How to Get Free Backlinks

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How to Get Free Backlinks
How to Get Free Backlinks
It is the endless game we all play with SEO (search engine optimisation). Backlinks. Now you
know already that you need backlinks to enhance your rating in the search engines. May it be Yahoo,
Ask or the almighty Google, your current link popularity is exactly what counts. So the question the
following is how to get FREE backlinks. Especially higher PR links.
Backlink generator
There are many options for free backlinks. Let me go over a few:
Article Directories Possibly the least difficult one of them almost all. Find a listing of the article directories together with
the highest google page rank and publish a unique write-up on your subject matter. Include a backlink to
your website in the wording or the resource box. You now have a free incoming link to your website.
Blog Commenting Much like an article index, you need to not really spam this specific resource. Because it is free, does not
imply you can handle it as such. Have respect for that blog owner and they'll let you possess a link in
your comment, or perhaps a link inside your username.
Reciprocal Link Exchange This is 1 you need to be mindful with. Is it free? You bet they may be. The thing with one of these kind of
links, you improve the risk of becoming penalized simply by Google. They can see the link exchange that
is taking place. You are really showing Google you are hoping to 'buy' your posture in the Search
engines. This is one tool I'd steer clear of.
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