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Night-Museum (English Topic)

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Night At the Museum
St. Petersburg, like many other major cities across the globe, organizes a “Night at
the Museum” once per year. On this day, visitors can enter a number of museums with a
single ticket. In addition, museums stay open throughout the evening, allowing visitors the
unique opportunity to walk through the city at night, stopping into museums at odd hours.
Most museums also organize special events, such as concerts and battle reenactments.
This year, you can purchase an all-museum ticket for 250 rubles, or you can just pay the
single-entry price of any participating museum if you are only interested in visiting a
specific museum. Did you participate in “Night at the Museum” in St. Petersburg in 2009?
Have you ever participated in “Night at the Museum”?
Because these museums will be open
all night and public transportation stops
running shortly after midnight, there will
be several free buses running
throughout the city all night, shuttling
visitors from museum to museum.
However, because it is nearly “White
Nights” season, many will choose to
simply walk from museum to museum,
taking in the sights of beautiful St.
Petersburg. Do you like to walk
throughout the city at night, or would
you prefer to use the shuttle service?
Would you feel comfortable walking
through Moscow at night?
There was also a couple of movies starring Ben Stiller called “Night at the Museum”.
The plot is simple, and the genre of the movie is comedy. The movie can be summed up
as follows: When an unemployed, divorced loser father Larry Daley is hired as night
watchman at the Museum of Natural History, he soon discovers that an ancient curse
brings all the exhibits to life after the sun sets. Suddenly, Larry finds himself face-to-face
with a frisky
T-Rex skeleton, tiny armies of Romans and cowboys and a mischievous
monkey who taunts
him to the breaking point. But with the big help of President Teddy
Roosevelt, Larry may just figure out a way to control the chaos and become a hero in his
son's eyes. Then when the three other evil night watchmen steal the tablet, Larry must
restore order to the museum before all the historic characters turn to dust! Have you seen
this movie or the sequel? Did you like it?
Reenactment = [NOUN] Performing a role in an event that occurred at an earlier time.
[The reenactment of the Battle of Waterloo featured actors in Napoleonic uniforms fighting
British and Prussian forces.]
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.ru All rights reserved
To shuttle
= [VERB] To go, move, or travel back and forth, as if by shuttle. [The taxi cab
driver shuttled people from their hotel to the airport all day long.]
= [ADJECTIVE] Energetic, lively, or playful. [NOTE: This can also mean extremely
flirtatious and touchy-feely, depending on the context.] [Julia told Mark to go home before
their date was over, because Mark was getting too frisky and started rubbing Julia's neck.]
[The frisky kitten played for hours with the string.]
To taunt
= [VERB] To provoke or deride with mockery or criticism; To harass; To tease (but
stronger) [Because the lion was behind a cage and he knew he was safe, the man began
to taunt the lion by throwing water at it.][After the Zenit fans started taunting the
Manchester United fans, a fight broke out.]
Some people do not visit the zoo because they think that it is cruel to the animals. What
do you think about zoos in general? What are the positives and negatives of zoos?
BEFORE OUR MEETING, design your own zoo. Tell the group about it – the layout, price
of admission, which animals will be there, what activities will be offered to visitors, etc.
Endangered vs. Extinct
Herbivore vs. Carnivore
Flora vs. Fauna
To pet vs. To stroke
To tend to vs. To nurse ZOO ANIMAL GAME
ROUND ONE: Everyone will be given a card with the name of an animal that might be
found in a zoo on it. You must describe this animal to the group and they must guess
which animal you are describing. NOTE: A list of words you are PROHIBITED from saying
will also be on the card, so be careful not to use those words!
ROUND TWO: Everyone will be given another card with the name of an animal on it. This
time, one-by-one, each person will ask one question to the holder of the card. Based upon
the answers, everyone will try to guess the animal. CONVERSATION
: I am so excited for “Night at the
: So am I. I always enjoy this
annual event. Are you participating this
year, Katya?
: Of course I am. I wouldn't miss
it for the world! What about you,
: Are you kidding me? You think
I'm going to be visiting museums when
it's prime time
for clubbing?!? Not a
chance. I hear there's a new club
opening on Nevsky, so I'm going to go
hit it up.
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.ru All rights reserved
: Oh, come on – there's going to be live music on the Fontanka, and then later a
military orchestra is going to play in front of the Suvorov museum.
: And that performance is going to be followed by fireworks!
: Hmmmm........well, drinks are going to be half-price tonight at Fidel.......
: Half-price? Really?
: Excuse me Vadim, but you've already committed to spending the evening with us at
the zoo, so don't even think about it!
: Yeah. We're going to learn about how the staff feeds and cares for the animals.
: Oh, really? The zoo is participating in “Night at the Museum”? That's interesting.
: Yes, it's much more interesting than being at the club.
: Well, I'll think about it, I guess.......
: You don't have much time to think it over. It's happening tonight. Are you in or
: Okay, I'll come with you guys.....
: Hoorah! You can carry my purse.
: And my coat.
: What am I, a bellboy?
: I bet you wish you were back in Barcelona now, don't you?
: Oh be quiet, Vadim.......and carry my umbrella. My arms are tired.
Prime Time (for something)
= The best or optimal time to do something. [While my
mother is at Lenta, it's prime time to practice the guitar, because when she is home, she
doesn't allow me to play.]
Are you in or not? = Are you participating with us or not? = Are you with us or not? = Are
you coming or not?
Just Speak!
Check out E
(where you can watch movies with subtitles)
Written by Bunny Copyright©2010 English
.ru All rights reserved
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