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Southern California CPR Classes

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Southern California CPR Classes
Southern California CPR Classes
Bakersfield Couple Inspires the Public as They Show His or her Act of Kindness and Compassion
inside Helping a Needy Man
There are certain occasions in people’s life where emergency situations happened and just those
people with appropriate training has the ability to make a difference inside someone’s life. Well, few
people has the capability to provide you with the best help to other folks but Tony and Sharon Mejia
showed their act of kindness in helping the needy ones.
Learn Bakersfield CPR
In Saturday, Red Cross Real Hero Organization will be knowing the local Bakersfield couple Tony
and Sharon Mejia who greatly showed his or her biggest help on conserving a life and showing act of
kindness and compassion to others. Tony and Sharon Mejia offer more than standard layover in LAX air
port last year when they satisfy a man who is lying down his face down.
Without the hesitation, the two thought we would help the man to assure in which his life could
be saved. Sharon who was a licensed instructor of medical and CPR also showed her biggest assist to the
man. Tony who was and a paramedic quickly helped your needy man. Sharon first assured that the
airway is attached and begun the CPR with the use of defibrillator. This required about twenty minutes
for your fire department to come over and as that they arrive then man is fine.
When this unpredicted incident is over, the actual man named Ron showed his biggest just
couples for offering him another life. The phone call of Ralph is very emotional because he was
extremely thankful. The man along with the couple get to know each other much better and go out to
have got dinner. Tony and Ron ended up working in their previous job and also didn’t expect that John is
living just a quick distance from the is know for the couple in Bakersfield.
That is one of the most inspiring along with impressive incident that took place in the LAX
airport that truly inspires huge numbers of people. This arouses their awareness that with their own
knowledge and features, they can still offer their biggest support and help to the needy ones specially
during emergency situations. This really is truly an inspiring story that does not just instantly catch the
interest and a focus of the public but also leaves great lessons in life.
For more information about Southern California CPR Classes visit our website.
PHONE: 1 (661) 578-6606
Company: CPR Plus
Contact: Sharon Mejia
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