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Customs and traditions of Great Britain

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Прокаев Вячеслав Александрович
I курс
«08.01.07 Мастер общестроительных работ»
Руководитель проекта: Протасова Наталья Владимировна,
преподаватель английского языка
Theme: «Customs and traditions of Great Britain»
Content :
1. Holiday traditions of Great Britain……3-7
2. Unusual British traditions………………..8-10
3.Royal British traditions………………………11-16
4.Musical and dancing festivals…………….17-18
The British created a powerful Empire with a successful economy, culture, the preservation of
their traditions, patriotism. Traditions of Great Britain is the basis of their culture.
Great Britain is considered one of the most democratic country, but the British life continues to be
determined by the old traditions. That's why even the most strange and old English traditions affect
modern daily life.
Christmas and New Year
The most popular holidays in Great Britain
are Christmas and New Year. Christmas is
celebrated on the 25th of December. It is a
main holiday in this country. It is beautiful
holiday with nice Christmas cards and
presents. Santa Claus brings gifts to children.
The celebration of All Saints Day or Halloween
The most mystical of all the holidays –
Halloween, All Saints Day (October, the
31st). What is this? It is the
suits the
mysterious creatures – ghosts, vampires,
witches. This is "Jack's lanterns" – pumpkin
with slits for eyes and mouth with a candle
inside. It is the carols with trick or treating
candy and sweets.
Guy Fawkes Night
The loudest holiday in England is the day Guy
Fawkes, is celebrated every year on the 5th
of November. The conspirator Guy Fawkes
had planned to blow up the British
Parliament during the speech of king James I.
The English Guy Fawkes night start in the
sky fireworks, prepare cookies with spicy chili
Easter traditions
Easter - this is one of the most important
holidays of Great Britain. On Easter Sunday,
in churches are organized concerts of organ
music. In this day people hand out candy to
children and toys. The table is decorated
with chocolate nests for eggs and chocolate
World Championship of grimaces
World Championship of grimaces regularly
are held in the town of Egremont, County of
demonstrate their public "terrible" grimaces.
Presentation of each of the contestants lasts
only 4 minutes. However, for the "athlete",
who had been strained "working" your face,
it's not so little.
Cheese Rolling Competition
Races with a rolling cheese are held on the last
Monday of May.Dozens of the British roll
down the Cooper's hill following a round head
Pearly king and Queen
This is one of the charitable cultural
traditions of the working class of London.
The tradition to embroider their clothes
with pearl buttons appeared in the 19
century. Such traditions of Great Britain and
Russia are not similar. In Russia there is no
Royal British tradition
By the traditions of the British Royal family the opening of Parliament in November or
October, the awards, are held 20 times a year,
official visits, receptions in the royal
garden(this garden is visited annually by more
than 30 thousand people).
Christmas message
Christmas message of the monarch to his
people began to broadcast on the radio
George V in 1932. Queen Elizabeth II gave his
first radio message in 1952 and on TV in
1957. Previously appeals are held live, but
since 1960 they are written in advance and
only broadcast on Christmas day.
«Maundy money»
There is a tradition of almsgiving monarch
('Maundy money') on Holy Thursday during
Holy week. This ceremony is held in one of
the cathedrals or abbeys of the country, and
money is given to pensioners living in the
parish. This tradition originates in the 13th
Ceremony of the Keys
This tradition is 700 years. Every day, at exactly
21.53, The Keeper of the keys leaves the
Byward tower, he meets a Guard of the keys.
The security guard locks the Main gate and
walks to the Bloody Tower.At night the keys
are kept at the residence of the Manager.
The registration for young Royal swans
The registration for young Royal swans
appeared in the 12th century. Nine centuries,
every year in July on the Thames there are
special boats with the Royal emblem. The
purpose of the expedition to count - how
many new swans appeared in the property of
Her Majesty.
Tea traditions
Tea appeared in England in the second half of
the 17 th century and its distribution was
bound to the Royal family. Catherine, the wife
of English king Charles II, was a big fan of tea.
five-oclock“)involves prerequisites: a large selection
of tea, table setting and observance of tea
Musical traditions
There are many various styles of music in
Great Britain. Jazz, rock, folk music are popular
there. Music has own history and traditions.
In the Royal theatre in «Covent garden» in
London, tourists can visit the Opera Festival.
There are many various arts: drama, theater,
choral art.
Edinburgh international arts festival
The Edinburgh international arts festival
takes place in the Scottish capital every
August and lasts almost a month. It also
presents theatre, Opera, dance and music,
concerts of classical, orchestral, vocal music,
dance shows, ballets. This festival is listed in
the Guinness book of records as the largest
in the world.
In my opinion, the British, despite the emotional restraint, like holidays, festivals. The
traditions are largely determined by history and geographical position of the country and are
sacred to any generation.
I respect and admire how the British revere their traditions from ancient times. English
proverb says: « Custom rules the law". It is the true, because our life consists of customs and
While I was preparing the presentation I was interested to learn about the culture and
traditions of the British and to compare with the traditions of Russia.
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