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Презентация Стиве Пол Джобс

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Персона века : «Стивен Пол Джобс»
Автор: Ржевская Марина Сергеевна
ГБПОУ КК «Новороссийский колледж
радиоэлектронного приборостроения»
Банковское дело 1 курс группа 1Ф1
Руководитель: Волк Анастасия Александровна.
1. Steve Paul Jobs
2. The first invention
3. The first computer
4. Apple Inc
5. Success
6. Macintosh
7. Pixar
8. iPhone
9. Illness
10. The end
11. My opinion on Steve Jobs
12. Bibliography
Steven Paul Jobs
iPhone creator Steven Paul Jobs,
better known as Steve Jobs (born Steven
Paul Jobs) is one of the founders of Apple
Inc., and a key figure in the global computer
He was born on February 24,
1955 in Mountain View, California.
The first invention
At school, Steve Jobs became
interested in electronics. There he met Steve
Wozniak and they began to think about
business related to computer technology.
Their first project was BlueBox a device that allows free use of long-distance
communication and cost 150$. Wozniak
assembled the devices and Jobs sold them.
The first computer
In 1972, Steve Jobs went to Reed
College . After the first semester, he quit at his
own request.
Then Steve took a job at Atari.
There Jobs worked on developing computer
games. Four years later, Wozniak created his
first computer, and Jobs, continuing his work in
"Atari", established its sales.
Apple Inc
Through their friendship the company
“Apple Inc” was formed, officially in
1977. Stephen Wozniak was the main
developer, while Jobs worked on sales.
The first computer was called the Apple
I. 200 machines were sold, a number
decent for beginners, but nothing
compared to the Apple II, released in
The success of the Apple I and Apple II
made the company a leader on the
computer market by the beginning of the
1980’s, and the two Steves became
Apple and Xerox companies signed a contract in
1979, to create the «Macintosh» project (a line of
personal computers designed, developed,
manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc).
The first Macintosh was released on January 24,
1984. Due to its success the production of the
Apple II stopped.
Jobs gradually began to lose ground in Apple. His authoritarian style of management lead to
conflicts with the board. In 1985, he was fired.
He then bought the graphics studio Pixar for half price. Several blockbuster cartoons were
produced under Jobs’ leadership.
In 2006 Jobs sold Pixar to Walt Disney.
In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple.
The company's business promptly went
Newer developments were presented to
sales market: the iPhone and the iPod,
and the iPad tablet computer was
released in 2010. All this will make
Apple the third-capitalization company
in the world.
In October 2003, the doctors found cancer of the pancreas. Steve decided to trust the doctors and informed
the public about his illness. On July 31, 2004 he was operated.
In December 2008, doctors found that Jobs had hormonal imbalance. In 2009, they announced that Steve
underwent a liver transplant.
The end
On March 2, 2011
Steve spoke at the presentation
of the new tablet - iPad 2.
Steve Jobs died
October 5, 2011.
My opinion on Steve Jobs
I think Steve Jobs was a very smart and creative man. He made a great impact on
the development of technology. Our whole generation should look up to him. He
proved to the whole world that if you have an idea and do everything to make it
happen, then your dream will come true.
Electronic source Seoded
Electronic source WikipediaДжобс,_Стив
The presentation is over.
Thank you for your attention.
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