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Jane Austen "Pride and prejudice"
Шалаева Анастасия Дмитриевна:
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Михалькова Татьяна Леонидовна.
Alatyr 2016
1. Introduction.
2. Some words about the author.
3. The famous books of Jane Austen.
4. About the book «Pride and prejudice».
5. The most important characters.
6. Some words about her brilliant and unpredictable novel «Pride
and Prejudice».
7. The main characters.
8. Major conflicts.
9. My opinion about «Pride and prejudice».
10. Список использованной литературы и интернет-ресурсов.
I’d like to introduce you the
most famous novel “Pride and
Prejudice” by Jane Austin. Not long
ago I read «Pride and prejudice»
because I like English literature of
the period Romantisism.
And most of all I like novels. Also I
heard about Jane Austen for many
times and decided to read one of
her books and I really loved it. It is
the best novel that I’ve ever read!
Jane Austen was an English
novelist whose works of romantic
fiction, set among the landed
gentry, earned her a place as one of
the most widely read writers in
English literature.
Her realism, biting irony and social
commentary as well as her
acclaimed plots have gained her
historical importance among
scholars and critics.
Some words about the author
Jane Austen was born in
1775 at Steventon, Hampshire,
in the south of England. She
was the second daughter in the
family of eight. Jane’s father
worked in the church in
Steventon. He made sure that
his children had a good
education. Jane was educated in
In 1803 Jane and her family
moved to Bath in the west of
England. Jane was not happy.
Some people think that she had
an unhappy love affair there. In
1807 the family moved to
Southampton on the south coast.
In 1810 the family moved again,
to Chawton, in Hampshire. From
the year until her death in 1817
Jane was very busy.
She wrote books, she visited her relatives and she travelled
round England with friends. Jane Austen never got married.
From her diaries and letters we can see that she was very kind
and intelligent woman. She was 17 when she began to write.
In 1811 her first book was published.
Her novels are concerned with
love and marriadge. She died
on the 18th of July. Jane
Austen is different from the
other writers of her time
because her main interest is in
the moral, social and
psycological behavior of her
The Famous books of Jane Austen Sense and
Pride and
Mansfield Park
About the book
"Pride and prejudice"
Austen began writing
the novel in 1796.
The book was
titled «First
The most important characters
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
Elizabeth Bennet
Mrs. Bennet
Jane Bennet
Charles Bingley.
Some words about her
brilliant and unpredictable
novel “Pride and Prejudice”
The action is taking part in the end
of 18th century in England.
Mrs Bennet has five daughters
and she has to find perfect husbands
for them all. One of the sisters,
Elizabeth doesn't rush to get married
and her father supports her. When a
rich young man – Mr Bingley comes to live at Netherfield Hall,
Mrs Bennet is delighted. He will be
the perfect husband for her eldest
daughter, Jane.
Mr Bingley arrives at Netherfield Hall with a friend – Mr
Fitzwilliam Darcy. Elizabeth was in love with Darcy. But he is very
rich, handsome and proud. After the unexpected Mr Bingley's check
out to London Elizabeth disappoints in Mr Darcy. She thinks he is
owe that Jane is alone. But the case with her sister Lidia opens her
eyes on their relationships with Darcy.
Elizabeth Bennet
She is the second of
Bennet daughters,
Elizabeth is twenty years
old and she is intelligent,
lively, playful, attractive
and witty but with a
tendency to judge on first
Mr. Darcy
The male protagonist of
the novel. 28 years old and
unmarried man. Tall and
intelligent, but rather
antisocial. He makes a
poor impression on
strangers, such as the
landed gentry of Merytone,
but he is valued by those
who know him well
Mrs. Bennet
The wife of Mr. Bennet
and mother of Elizabeth
and her sisters.
Frivolous, excitable and
narrow-minded woman.
Her main ambition in life
is to marry her daughters
to wealthy men.
Jane Bennet
The eldest Bennet sister.
Twenty-two years old and
the most beautiful young
lady in the
neighbourhood. She is
shy and sensible, but not
clever; her most notable
trait is a desire to see only
the good in others.
Charles Bingley
Kind and charming
gentleman with
pleasing manners,
although not quite so
Major conflicts:
1. Mrs. Bennet’s desperate attempts to find suitable
husbands for her marriageable daughters
2. Mr. Darcy’s attempts to win Elizabeth’s love
This book is interesting,
enjoyable, exciting, sometimes it
was touch-moving and
depressing. I found it true - to –
life and profound. I think Jane
Austen is a brilliant author.
When you first read «Pride and
Prejudice», you are absolutely
captivated by the story. This story
gets better every time you read it.
It is worth reading!
I’ll recommend this wonderful book to my friends and relatives
because it’s very readable and excites you from the first page.
Список использованной литературы
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5. and Prejudice - Jane Austen
6. Кадры из сериала «Гордость и предупреждение»
ВВС, 1995
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