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Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное
учреждение Московской области
«Орехово-Зуевский железнодорожный техникум
имени В.И.Бондаренко»
Специальность: «Техническая эксплуатация подъемно-транспортных,
строительных, дорожных машин и оборудования»
Автор проекта: студент III курса Талакин Н.С.
Руководитель проекта: Тычинская И.В.
Plan of presentation
 Life
 Creation
 Interesting Facts
George Orwell
His real name was Eric Arthur
Blair. George Orwell was the
British writer and publicist.
He is known as the author of
the dystopian novel "1984“,
and the novel "Animal Farm."
Eric Arthur Blair was born on June 25, 1903
in Motihari (India). He studied at St. Cyprian
school. He attended Eton College until 1921.
From 1922 to 1927 he served in
the colonial police in Burma.
George Orwell lived in the UK
and Europe for a long time. He
did odd jobs and began to write
fiction and journalism at that
As far as I know he got married in 1936, and in
six months he went to the Spanish Civil War with
his wife. He spent half a year on the war until he
was wounded by a fascist sniper.
During the Second World War he
conducted the anti-fascist radio
program on the BBC. He died in
London from tuberculosis on
January 21, 1950.
During the
Spanish Civil
War George
Orwell fought
He described these
events in the
documentary novel
"Homage to
Catalonia" and in
the essay
"Remembering the
war in Spain."
In the novel "Animal
Farm" (1945) he
showed the
degeneration of
revolutionary principles
and programs. "Animal
Farm" is a parable, an
allegory of the
revolution of 1917 and
the subsequent events
in Russia.
His dystopian novel "1984"
(1949) became an
ideological sequel of
"Animal Farm", in which
Orwell depicted a possible
future world society as a
totalitarian hierarchical
system based on
sophisticated physical and
spiritual slavery, imbued
with universal fear, hatred
and denunciation.
George Orwell also wrote a number of critical
and socio-cultural essays and articles.
His works were published in 20 volumes (5
novels, a satirical tale, a collection of poems
and 4 volumes of criticism and journalism),
they were translated into 60 languages.
It strikes me that the
famous formula "two
plus two equals five"
which George Orwell
repeatedly emphasized in
dystopian novel, "1984"
came to his mind when
he heard the Soviet
slogan "Five-Year Plan in four years!".
In addition to this
George Orwell is
the author of widely
used expression
"cold war". He
introduced it in
Personally I like this English writer very much. He
is a man of honor and conscience. It is not easy to read
his books but they are worth reading. If you like
classical prose, I advise you to read his works. I believe
you’ll get a great pleasure.
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