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Presentation of contents
Ingland. Landon
2. United States of America. New York
3. Ireland. Dublin
4. Canada. Ottawa
5. Australia. Canberra
Virtual tour.
Presentation of the large or small cities of
the target language country, their sights,
nature, related traditions
Ingland. Landon
The country borders on Scotland and
Wales. It is washed by the Irish Sea, the
Celtic Sea and the North Sea. The English
Channel separates England from
continental Europe. The population of the
country is about 51 million people.
England has a temperate maritime climate.
The weather in the country is very
changeable and it rains a lot, especially in
the Lake District
One more interesting fact to mention is
that England is home to lots of different
sports but the most played one is football.
London is considered as one of the
most important cities of the world
for finance, business and politics.
The capital of Great Britain is also
important for entertainment,
culture, media, art and fashion.
The United States of America is one of the
largest countries of the world. It consists
of 50 independent states which have a lot
to offer to its visitors.
It is situated on the North
American continent and is
washed by three oceans: the
Pacific, the Atlantic and the
The USA borders only on two
countries — Canada and Mexico.
There are five districts in the city: Manhattan,
the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond.
Manhattan is the central and the oldest part of
the city. It is the district of business and
finance. The New York stock exchange
dominates business life of many countries.
Ireland is an island on the west side of
Europe. The capital of Ireland is Dublin.
There are about 5 million people in the
Republic of Ireland. It is a small country
but a lot of people know about it. In many
countries there are Irish priests and nuns.
The bridge in Dublin
Canada is one of the largest countries in
the world and a popular English-speaking
country for tourists.
Tower of Peace with 53 bells, picturesque
quarters around the Market Hall Bayvord, Rideau
Canal, which turns into the longest ice-rink in the
world in winter
Ottawa - capital of Canada and seat of Carleton
County, southeastern Ontario, at the confluence
of the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Rideau rivers. Its
metropolitan area lies astride the Ontario-Quebec
Australia is the only country in the world
that is also a continent. It is the sixth
large country and the smallest continent.
Australia lies between the South Pacific
Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
Australia is the driest continent on the Earth.
The unique climate and the isolation of
Australia from other continents explain the
existence of unusual plants and animals. The
capital of Australia is Canberra, which became
the capital only in 1927.
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