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Фрагмент урока по английскому языку в 8 классе по теме "Virtual reality"

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Ход урока
I Начальный этап
1. Приветствие
2. Знакомство с целями урока/Мотивация
Teacher: Look at the screen. You can see 4 pictures. Think for a moment
and find the word that can connect this pictures. I’ll give you a hint.
Teacher: You are right. We continue to speak about science and technology.
Technology is an important part of our life. A lot of people can’t imagine
their life without a computer or Internet. By the way pupils, let’s speak
about the past of the computers. Listen to the dialogue and say if the
statements are true or false.
Аудирование. Правда или ложь. Упр 1 с 46 РТ.
После прослушивания – обсуждение предложений по структуре Timed
pair share.
Teacher: Let’s revise our active vocabulary. Take shits of a paper. Write down
the words that you canremember on topics computer, internet, virtual reality.
(30 секунд). Проговаривают, пишут, складывают.
Make up sentences using these words. Каждый по одному предложению.
Друг другу – сингл раунд робин. Лучшее предложение вслух.
Teacher: Most of you are active users of computers and the Internet. But I am sure
you know that there are a lot of disadvantages of virtual reality as well as
advantages. Let’s discuss this topic.
Обсуждение темы “ Advantages and disadvantages of Virtual Reality”
1) “Stir the class” structure
Teacher: Take a piece of paper. Draw two columns: advantages and
disadvantages of Virtual Reality. Write your ideas. Draw a line. Move
around the class to find out more ideas. Discuss your results in the group
(Continuous Round Robin). Count advantages and disadvantages in your
list. Whose list is the longest? Read and the rest add the information into
your list.
Пояснение: Учащиеся передвигаются по классу для того, чтобы добавить
как можно больше идей участников к своему списку.
Virtual Reality
You can learn the latest news
Access useful information
Communicate with friends
Watch films
Doctors can practise operations on
different parts of human bodies
Can spread violence, pornography
and advertising
Exercises in killing rather than in
People can mix the real world with
the virtual one
Do much harm to our health
Teacher: imagine that you are participants of tok-show «Пусть говорят».
Let’s listen to the problem.
Mother (учитель): I’m worried about my son. Hi is sitting before the
computer day and night. I suspect that he is becoming addicted. Will you
give me some piece of advice? What should we do?
I’ll give you the roles:
1. A teenager
2. A doctor
3,4. Friends
5,6. Sportsmen
7. A schoolteacher
8. A journalist
9. A professor of the famous university
10. A dancer, a musician …. (роли по количеству учеников, по
Think 1 minute and give your advice.
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