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образовательного учреждения высшего профессионального образования
«Московский государственный университет путей сообщения»
160 лет со дня рождения известного
ирландского драматурга и писателя
Джорджа Бернарда Шоу
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Early Years
Fabian Society
The Writing Life Begins
The Dramatist
The Literary Giant
The reasons I have chosen this topic
George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw was an Irish dramatist,
literary critic, socialist propagandist, the Oscarwinner for the film adaptation of his most popular
play, Pygmalion, and a winner of the Nobel Prize for
Literature in 1925. His books are translated into
many languages and a lot of films have been made
after his novels.
Early Years
The playwright George Bernard Shaw was
born in Dublin, Ireland, on 26 July in 1856. Being
the third and youngest child, Shaw took his early
education from his uncle. He was a clerical
Shaw's birthplace (2012 photograph).
Early Years
Soon his mother became close to George John
Lee. He was an accomplished musician and the
Shaw’s house became full of music. Lee's
students often gave him books, thus he gained
musical knowledge. Shaw often visited the
National Gallery of Ireland exploring the worlds
of the arts (music, art, literature).
Early Years
In 1872 Shaw's mother with Shaw's two sisters
moved to London. Four years later Shaw went to
London too. He decided to become a writer. Shaw
struggled financially, and his mother supported
him while he spent time in the British Museum
reading room, working on his first novels.
Fabian Society
Unfortunately, his novels were widely rejected
by publishers. Shaw soon turned his attention to
politics and the activities of the British
intelligentsia. He joined the Fabian Society in
Fabian Society
The Fabian Society was a socialist group and
Shaw became an active member of it. He even
edited a famous tract Fabian Essays in Socialism
in 1889.
The Writing Life Begins
The year after he joined the Fabian Society,
Shaw published some writing work in the form of
book reviews and art, music and theater criticism.
That was the point that Shaw began writing works
of his own.
The Dramatist
Shaw's first plays were published in volumes
titled "Plays Unpleasant" (containing Widowers'
Houses, The Philanderer and Mrs. Warren's
Profession) and "Plays Pleasant" (which had Arms
and the Man, Candida, The Man of Destiny and
You Never Can Tell).
The Dramatist
Show’s plays were filled with sparkling wit,
and healthy social criticism. Though these plays
were not those for which he had high regard, but
they laid the groundwork for the outstanding
career as a writer.
The Literary Giant
At the end of the 19th century, Bernard Shaw
wrote remarkable plays Caesar and Cleopatra
(1898), Man and Superman(1903), whose third
act, "Don Juan in Hell," was so great that
nowadays is often staged as a separate play. The
plays written after Man and Superman became a
foundation in his literary work.
The Literary Giant
The works such as Major Barbara (1905), The
Doctor's Dilemma (1906), Androcles and the Lion
(1912) and Saint Joan (1923) were very popular.
The Literary Giant
Pygmalion is one of Show’s most popular and
success plays. The idea of the play originates from
an ancient myth. Pygmalion, a sculptor, created a
statue of beautiful girl Galatea. He fell in love
with her. He began to pray to Aphrodite to breathe
life into the statue. The goddess made the statue
live, and Pygmalion married Galatea.
The Literary Giant
Pygmalion in Shaw’s play is Mr. Higgins a
pedantic British linguist who turns a flower girl
into a lady. Pygmalion was adapted into a musical
and became a hit, first on the Broadway stage
(1956) with Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews, and
later on the screen (1964) with Harrison and
Audrey Hepburn.
The reasons I have chosen
this topic
It’s a well-known fact that reading foreign
literature helps people to learn more about the life
of people in other countries, their traditions and
customs. I like the play Pygmalion and I was
happy when I was asked to take part in the
performance to mark the 160th anniversary of
Show’s birth. I will be a compere.
Шоу Джордж Бернард (George Bernard Shaw) Элект.
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Джордж Бернард Шоу George Bernard Shaw Элект.
текствые дан. - режим доступа: свободный.
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