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Ghost town
ГБОУ СПО «Краснодарский Политехнический Техникум» КК
Мусаева Анастасия Олеговна
Специальность: Дизайн, 3 курс
Руководитель: Шелуха Ольга
Номинация: Виртуальное
Table of contents:
1. Introduction.
2. The History of Centralia.
3. Mine fire.
4. Centralia today.
5. Popular culture.
6. Conclusion.
7. The material used.
1. Introduction
In the world there are millions of big and
small cities. They may be metropolitan
and provincial, industrial and with big
cultural heritage. But there is an unusual
town where only 7 people live. This town
is called Centralia, it is located in the
State of Pennsylvania, the USA.
2. History
The founder of the town is Alexander
Ria. He arrived to this district, and
began projecting streets and squares,
but he was unfortunately killed in 1868.
The infrastructure of the town was
rather developed and included seven
churches, five hotels, twenty seven
saloons, two theaters, a bank, a post
office and fourteen manufactured goods
and grocery stores.
Throughout the most part of the history of
this town while the coal industry functioned,
the population was more than 2 000
inhabitants. About 500-600 more people lived
in suburbs, in close proximity to Centralia. In
1866 Centralia received the status of the
Through the town passed two railways "Philadelphia and Reading" and "The
Lehigh Valley". "The Lehigh Valley"
was the main railway carrier.
But in 1966 railway communication was
3. Mine fire
In May, 1962, the town Council of Centralia
employed five volunteer firefighters for cleaning
of the city garbage dump located near open
mine. The firefighters set fire to garbage heaps,
and then extinguished. But fire up to the end
wasn't put out and, eventually, the fire extended
through an opening in mine on other thrown
coal mines near Centralia. Attempts to extinguish
fire were unsuccessful. Over time people started
complaining of the deterioration of health
provoked by release of carbon monoxide.
In 1979 locals understood the true scale of a
problem and began to leave the town. In 2002 the
Post Service of the USA cancelled the postal index
of the town - 17927. But some families decided to
remain in Centralia despite preventions of the
4. Popular culture
Centralia is not forgotten. The
American television had made the
documentary films The Town That
Was (in 2007), and Pennsylvania's
Lost Town - premiere will be in
summer or fall of 2016.
5. Centralia today
Today the town looks as a meadow
with several streets laid through it.
The most part of the town is covered
with thickets. The only Church of
Saint Virgin Mary which remained in
the town weekly on Saturday holds
service. In the town there are four
6. Conclusion
Mine fire still burns, and it will proceed
till the uncertain moment in the future.
Any attempts to extinguish fire isn't
made. There is enough coal that this fire
will last within 250 years. It is expected
that the most part of former inhabitants
will return in 2016 to open time capsule
buried in 1966 near a memorial.
My opinion
Now you know about such amazing ghost
town as Centralia. I don't know is it correct
that people still live there. Though all of us
know the answer that it isn't good for health,
but on the other hand devotion of these
people to their houses admires. We will hope
that this awful event wills soon end, and those
people who forcedly left the houses will be
able to return and start everything again.
Thank you very much for your
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