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princess Diana

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Никитина Елена Олеговна
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Полякова Наталья Сергеевна
Diana’s childhood
The marriage of Prince Charles and Diana
Lady “Di”
“Princess of Wales”
Life after marriage
Sad fate of Lady “Di”
Name: Diana Frances Spencer
Date of birth: 1, July 1961
Zodiacal sign: Cancer
Place of birth: Sandringham,
Great Britain
Date of death: 31, August 1997
(36 years)
Title: Princess of Wales
Lady Diana is the first wife
of Prince Charles. She
played the great role in the
history of Great Britain in
the end of XX century. Her
mysterious death in a car
accident discredited
members of the oldest
monarchy in the world. The
investigations of that
tragedy have been
continuing till now…
Diana Frances Spencer was
born in the castle of
Sandringham, one of the
royal residences. Her father
was the 8th Earl Spencer.
The title his family got in the
XVII century. Diana's
mother was from the ancient
and noble family, too. And
her grandmother was ladyin-waiting of the Queen
Four children of Earl Spencer were brought up as in noble
families. When the girl was six, her parents divorced. Children
lived with their father. Diana was educated at some private
schools in Great Britain and Switzerland. Diana was only
sixteen when she first met Prince Charles.
The Royal Family worried that Prince
Charles had love affair with Camilla
Parker-Bowles. He was already 32. In
February 1981 it was announce that
he was getting married Lady Diana
Spencer. The marriage produced two
sons – William and Harry. But it was
full of unhappiness, jealousy and
After the marriage Diana
was suddenly the world’s
favourite woman. She was
tenderly called “Lady Di”.
But her husband was still
interested in Camilla. In
1990 Diana revealed the
truth to public. Divorce
was impossible in the
Royal Family, but it finally
happened in 1996.
Lady Diana managed to keep
the title “Princess of Wales”
and the right to bring up her
children. She was still engaged
in active peacemaking and
charitable activities. But the
prospect of becoming the
Queen was lost forever.
Her life began to change when
she met Dodi Al Fayed, the son
of Egyptian multibillionaire. But
after some months on 31 August
1997 in Paris Lady Diana and
Dodi Al Fayed died in the car
accident. They were trying to
escape from paparazzi at a high
speed and crashed into a pillar.
Was the death of Princess of Wales accidental or was it planned
by some forces? It is still a mystery. “Queen of Hearts” and
“Princess of Love” were words on the cards and letters outside
Kensington Palace. Her grave is on an island in a lake in the
gardens of Althorp Park.
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