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Ник Вуйчич: Ни рук, ни ног, ни ограничений...

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презентация о выдающейся персоне века
Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное
учреждение «Ставропольский региональный многопрофильный колледж»
Работу выполнил:
Студент группы Ю-14
Бербенец Алина
Руководитель: Безбородова Д.В
Table of contents:
• Nick Vujicic :
• Yesteday
• Today
• Tomorrow
Nick Vujicic"To love God and each other - in this I see a
purpose in life, strength, joy, peace, and resources for spiritual
harmony. I do not need arms and legs. I need a life. And never
give up! "- That's the credo of his life.
He was their long-awaited first-born. The father was at birth.
He saw the baby's shoulder - what is it? No hands. He couldn't
believe what saw. When the doctor came to him, he began to
speak: "My son! He has no hands? "The doctor replied, "No ...
Your son has no arms or legs."
Nick was only a semblance of the foot instead of the left leg.
This boy has learned to walk, swim, ride a skateboard, play on
the computer and write. Nick was the first of a disabled child in
a normal Australian school.
At nineteen Nick studied financial planning at the university.
One day he was asked to speak to the students. Within three
minutes of the girls in the audience were crying. One of them
could not stop crying, she raised her hand and asked, "Can I
get up on stage and hug you?".
Ten months of the year, he is in the way, two months at
home. He traveled more than two dozen countries, his
heard more than three million people - in schools, nursing
homes, prisons. He performs about 250 times a year.
February 12, 2012 Vujcic married Kanae
Miyahara. February 14, 2013 they had a son Kiyoshi James Vujicic. The younger son Nick and
Kanae was born August 7, 2015 his older brother,
perfectly healthy. The parents gave him the name
of Dejan Levi
Nick Vujicic now lives in California with his family. His life is
much richer than that of many healthy people.
Creative life Nicka :
2009 - the film "Circus butterflies"
2010 - The book "Life without limits: a terrific happy life path"
2013 - The book "Irresistible. The incredible power of faith in
action "
2014 - The book "Be strong. You can overcome the violence
(and all that prevents you live) "
2015 - The book "Love Without Borders. The way to a
stunningly strong love "
I believe that Nick Vujicic, in spite of his disability, he lived a
full life interesting. Millions of people worldwide are familiar
smiling face Nicka and his inspirational speeches. Despite the
fact that Nick was born without arms and legs, he has built a
successful career, travels a lot, got married, became a father.
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