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Тайна Стоунхенджа
Драновская Мария Александровна
Краснодарский политехнический техникум
Отделение: очное
Курс: 2, гр. 185 КМ
Руководитель: Шелуха Ольга Ильинична,
канд.пед.наук, доцент
Stonehenge, what is it?
The heel stone
Stages of construction of Stonehenge
HOW Stonehenge looked like?
What DOES Stonehenge tell us?
my assessment of the topic
1.Stonehenge, what is it?
is It the work of giants? Or the magic of the
druids? Can Merlin moved them here? These and
other questions asked by many scientists for
a long time.
Stonehenge is a megalithic stone structure.
Stonehenge is a structure of 82 five-ton
megaliths, 30 stone blocks, each weighing 25
tons and 5 huge trilithons, stones weighing 50
tons. The stone blocks form the arches, which
served as a perfect indicator of the world.
Its origin nobody can explain. Perhaps this
place of power, because there is no sense in
such a Grand structure, if it cannot
accompany a person in a secret world of
magic. Architect I. Jones has suggested that
Stonehenge was built by ancient Romans.
2. The heel stone
With the heel stone a legend is associated :
once the devil hiding among the stones saw
a monk. Before monk managed to escape the
devil HE threw a huge boulder that crushed
his heel. The heel stone lies North-East of
the entrance oF the ring.
3.Stages of construction of Stonehenge
From Preselected mountains to Stonehenge in
a straight line — 220 km. To transport the
stones bouts were used And trimarans, which
were driven by six men with poles. The sea
route along the gently sloping shores of
Wales was the most convenient.
ONE Part of the journey took place by land,
it took hundreds of pairs of hands. The
stones were transported from early may to
late August. People used oxen as draft
animals, and were United in a well organized
society. Honor and glory awaited those who
will not return with empty hands.
4. HOW Stonehenge looked like
In 1998 by computer scientists AND
astronomers IT WAS able to recreate the
original appearance of StoneHEnge. It
turned out that according to this model, the
Solar system consists of twelve planets! The
age of Stonehenge is 140 000 years. it was
determined by David Bowen in 1994.
5.What Stonehenge tells us
Ancient monolith is an accurate model of the
solar system in cross section. In this model,
the solar system, not nine, but twelve
planets, two of which are located beyond
the orbit of Pluto, and another one is
between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.
A characteristic of all ancient megaliths is
their high earthquake resistance. In the
construction a special platform was used,
completely extinguishing or mitigating the
tremors. Foundations are almost no
“shrinkage of soil”, which occurs in modern
construction. assessment of the topic
In conclusion I would like to say that
Stonehenge is a great creation of mankind, it
was created to ensure that at all times
people wondered, what is it? and for what it
is created?
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