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Чернова Анастасия Александровна
Елисеева Александра Петровна
Benjamin Brierley
Benjamin Brierley — English
poet, author, editor, publisher
and actor.
Benjamin Brierley was born
on June 26, 1825 in
Failsworth, near Manchester,
the son of a poor weaver.
Pic. 1. Benjamin Brierley
There was a school round the corner in Pole Lane to which he went.
He was evidently an intelligent boy. He says of himself at that age:
"I was an apt pupil and rose from the ABC's before I was five years
old. I took the first prize in spelling. The word to be spelt was
'victuals, the prize three marbles. Victuals was ever a hard word to
spell. It is worth noting that this facility in spelling remained with
him, and it was considered by good judges
that his spelling of dialect words was most
Piс. 2. Failsworth Pole
He was passed into the Bible class before he had gone
through the New Testament, that being the order of the
promotion. He took to reading, and bought "Cleaves's
Gazette," one penny weekly. Noticing this, a reading man
lent him "Pickwick Papers."
The creative impulse
Brierley felt the stirrings within, which impelled him
towards literary effort. He wrote poetry "On the death
of a little hen." That poem is not now in print and
probably never was. He tried drama and was driven to
write a play which must needs be a tragedy, "Marinello
the Monk" which was staged under the direction of the
author. There were daggers in the play, and Brierley took
one of the more dangerous parts. So well did he act that
Esther threatened to have no more to do with him as he
was “such a bad one." This and other plays were staged
upon three planks, a window bottom and the top of a
staircase, and the "tea-fed audience were delighted."
The first steps in the creation of
Ben Brierley's first serious venture in literature was "A Day Out"
which appeared in the "Manchester Spectator“. It was an
unpretentious piece of writing, merely an account of a simple
journey of observation, a walk through the fields, along the brook
side, through sloughs into the Nook which he made his own; talks by
the way, refreshing, invigorating
conversation; encounters with
characters whose discourse had a
racy energy which is chiefly found
in the quiet place of the countryside.
In this record we seem to get the
plan of Brierley's literary design.
Pic. 3. From a letter from
Benjamin Brierley
Creativity Benjamin Brierley
Brierley dramatised several of his stories, "Thistledown
Hall," "The Cobler's Stratagem," "Fratchingtons of
Fratchingthorpe" and "Insuring his Life." But his greater
success in this direction was "The Layrock of
Langleyside“. As "The Lancashire Weaver Lad" it
succeeded in passing the ordeal of the legitimate stage
being performed at the Theatre Royal, Manchester,
Brierley himself taking the part of the weaver. As an
actor he showed good talent and delineated his own
characters in a realistic fashion. Incidentally it illustrated
at once his poetic merit and an unsuspected musical
Creativity Benjamin Brierley
There is a song in this drama which the weaver sings with a chorus
which calls for much sprightliness from the singers. Here is a stave:
Here is a stave:
Yo' gentlemen o' with yor heawnds and yor parks,
Yo' may gamble and sport till yo' dee-e,
Bo' a quiet heawse-nook, a good wife an' a book
Is more to the likin's o' me.
Aw care no' for titles, nor heawses nor lond,
Owd Jone's a name fittin' for me.
An' gie me a thatch wi a wooden dur latch
An' six feet o' greawnd when a dee-e.
Wi' mi pickers and pins
An' mi wellers to th' shins,—
My linderins, shuttle and yeald hook,
Mi treddles an' sticks,
Mi weight-ropes and bricks,
"What a life," said the weaver o' Well-brook.
List of works
Tales and Sketches of Lancashire life,1863;
Chronicles of Waverlow, 1863;
The Layrock of Langley-side: a Lancashire Story, 1864;
Traddlepin Fold; and Other Tales, 1867;
Our old chimney nook, a Christmas story, 1868;
Red Windows Hall; a Lancashire Story, 1868;
Tales and Sketches of Lancashire Life, 1886;
Cotters of Mossburn, 1886;
Spring Blossoms and Autumn Leaves, 1893.
Breyerli monument installed in 2006 in
Failsworth (Faylsvorte).
The sculptor John Cassidy - Failsworth
- A city in the municipal district of
Oldham (Greater Manchester). Located
in a hilly area on the north shore of the
river Medlock 4.3 km west-northwest of
Ashton-under-Lyne, 4,7 km southsouthwest of Oldham, and 6.8 km to the
east-north-east of Manchester city
center within the M60 motorway ring.
Pic. 4. A monument to
Benjamin Brierley
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