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Персона века. Джон Леннон

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Who is John Lennon
• Younger years
• Early career
• Personal life
• Death
Places in honor of John Lennon
My opinion
Sources of information
John Lennon was an English rock musician, a singer, a poet, a
composer, an artist and a writer. Besides he was a political activist.
He expressed his views in songs and public speeches. He was also
the founder and member of the world famous group "The Beatles“.
John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 at 6:30 a.m., during a
German air attack on Liverpool. The first years in the biography of John
Lennon were not easy. Shortly after his birth, his parents, Julia and Alfred,
divorced. When Julia Lennon found another man, her sister Mimi and her
husband George Smith took care of a four-year-old John.
So, the boy was brought up by his aunt and uncle. Soon
Lennon’s father immigrated to New Zealand, leaving John
alone in the difficult period of his life. As a result, the boy
was not very obedient at school. The death of his uncle also
influenced young John.
When John Lennon played in a school rock band, he met Paul
McCartney. They immediately found a common language,
began to spent time and write songs. After numerous changes,
the band consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George
Harrison and Pete Best. The group was called «the Beatles».
In 1966 Lennon met Yoko Ono. In spite of the fact that Lennon and
Yoko Ono loved each other, he married Cynthia Powell. Soon they
had a child. But they didn’t live together a long time. They divorced
as Cynthia knew about John’s affection to Yoko.
John and Yoko got married in 1969. After the wedding, they went to
Amsterdam and announced that they would give a "bed interview".
When journalists came, they saw that the hotel room was decorated
with flowers, and John and Yoko were sitting in bed in white pajamas
talking about peace.
On 9 October 1975 they had a son. After that Lennon said that his
musical career was over. The next 5 years he devoted himself to his son.
All these years he appeared in public only once. This happened
in 1975, on October 9. Lennon released the last album in 1980.
The album was called "Double Fantasy" and it received positive
critical acclaim.
On December 8, 1980 a young man, Chapman by name, killed
Lennon, making 5 shots into his back. It turned out that Mark
Chapman had taken Lennon’s autograph a few hours earlier.
Chapman was sentenced to life imprisonment in New York for this
Around the world there are various monuments, buildings and even
streets named in honor of John Lennon. For example, Liverpool John
Lennon Airport, John Lennon Museum, Street John Lennon, the
monuments in Havana and in other cities.
Even a crater on Mercury and asteroid "(4147) Lennon“ were
named in honor of this famous person.
John Lennon received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
I believe that John Lennon is one of the greatest musicians
of the twentieth century. He gave the world many beautiful
songs and also one of the most famous rock bands - "the
Beatles". Like many other fans of his work, I regret that he
left this world so early.
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