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AGATHA CRISTIЕ Жерехова Анна Сергеевна

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ФИО студента: Жерехова Анна
Название ОУ: ГБПОУ «Перевозский
строительный колледж»
Отделение: экономико-правовой
Курс: 2
ФИО руководителя проекта: Гречина
Вероника Николаевна
Agatha Christie
1. The Aim of My Work
2.Agatha Christie
3. Agatha Christie`s Childhood
4. Agatha Christie `s First Book
5. The Most Famous Books
6. The Guinness Book
7. The Main Characters
8.Agatha Christie's Awards
9. Secrets of Success
10. Agatha Christie`s Monument
11. Famous quotes
12. Anniversary Date
13. My Opinion
14. Bibliography
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The Aim of My Work
 The aim of my work is to show how important
Agatha Christie`s contribution was and to prove
that she is a real great person in the world
 I tried to reflect the basic aspects of Christie`s
life, her creative work and achievements.
 She had a great desire to write, especially
detective stories and she really succeeded in it.
Agatha Christie
Date of birth: September 15, 1890
Place of birth: Torquay, England
Date of death: January 12, 1976 (85 years old)
Occupation: writer
Real name
Agatha Mary
Lady Mallowan
- Agatha Christie
- Mary Westmacott
Agatha Christie`s Сhildhood
The famous writer was born in a
family of wealthy immigrants
from America.
She had a very happy childhood
with parents loving each other.
Agata got education at home,
she played the piano perfectly
and was fond of maths.
During the First World War she
worked in the hospital as a
nurse and considered this
profession to be one of the most
useful things .
Agatha Christie`s
First Book
She began to write in the
Agatha wanted to try her
hand in it, like her older
Margaret had already a few
published works at that time.
The first detective story was
«The Mysterious Affair at
The profession of pharmacist helped Agatha in
writing stories- the majority of murders in her
novels have been committed by poisoning.
The Most Famous Books
«Ten Little Niggers»
«The Murder on the Orient
«The Murder at the Vicarage»
«The Murder of Roger Ackroyd»
«The Mousetrap»
«Poirot Investigates»
«The Witness for the Prosecution
and Other Stories»
Agatha Christie is
known all over the
world as the Queen
of Crime.
She wrote about 70 crime novels, 19 plays and 6
romantic novels.
The Guinness Book
 The Guinness book of world records
ranks Christie
 Her
works are the world- famous
published books
after William
Shakespeare and the Bible.
 Her books have been translated into 103
 Christie's best-selling novel is And Then
There Were None. It has 100 million
The Main Characters
 There are more than 30 films based on Christie`s
stories, and 70 famous TV series about Hercule
Poirot .
 Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are the most
well-known characters.
Agatha Christie's Awards
In 1956 Agatha received the
highest award for their work The Most Excellent Order of the
British Empire.
In 1971, she was honoured by
the Queen Elizabeth II with
the title Dame Commander of
The Most Excellent Order of
the British Empire.
Secrets of Success
-She was very inventive in her stories.
-She avoided describing bloody
-She was not afraid of experiments.
The desire to help people and to
restore justice are the main ideas
of Agatha Christie`s works .
Agatha Christie`s Monument
The monument was erected in
the heart of Covent Garden in
The bronze sculpture (2.5 m
high)was designed as a huge
open book.
At the turn of the book - a bust
of Agatha Christie, decorated
with sculptural elements that
reflect her life.
Famous Quotes
Every murderer is probably
somebody's old friend.
You can`t criticize the person
without listening to him.
Clever persons never take
offense, they make conclusions.
You never know whether you
can do or not to until you try it.
Discreet person is much more
Freedom is worth fighting.
Anniversary Date
 September 15, 2015 - the
125th anniversary of Agatha
Christie`s birth.
 This anniversary date was
celebrated in the UK as a
Festival of Agatha Christie.
 It took place in Torquay,
author`s birth-place.
My Opinion
 I`m fond of reading detective
stories, written
 And I even had seen the film in
English «Ten Little Niggers». I
enjoyed it very much.
 In my opinion Agatha Christie
was very good at inventing
stories and did it perfectly.
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