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Герой Канады

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Презентация о Терри Фоксе, молодом спортсмене, который несмотря на свою болезнь пробежал марафон на одной ноге, собрав деньги для больных детей.
Герой Канады
ГПОУ «Осинниковский горнотехнический колледж»,
студент Пачина Кристина Андреевна,
индустриальное отделение, 3 курс,
Руководитель Падалка Венера Нагимовна
Before the disease
Terry made a decision
The Marathon of Hope
Terry Fox Run
My impressions
Before the disease
Terry Fox was born in 1958. He
was an ordinary teenager, purposeful
and persistent. A couple of years of
hard training and Terry became the
best player. Next was University
admission. Terry was going to be a
sports trainer. Terry Fox was a good
student and a strong athlete.
The happy times stopped in March
One day, Terry was running home.
He stopped suddenly. “My right leg,”
Terry said.
The family took him to the hospital.
Terry had cancer and there was only
one answer. On March 9, the doctors
operated. Three weeks later, Terry had
an artificial leg.
But this was only the beginning for
Terry made a decision
Terry met many sick children with
amputated limbs and bald from
chemotherapy in hospital. He could
not understand why they were
suffering. He wanted to help.
He remembered a story about a
man with one leg in the New York
Terry said to his friend Doug that
he would run a marathon across
Canada for money.
Later, Terry talked about the marathon to his girlfriend,
Rika. Doug and Rika were happy about it, but Terry’s
mother said that it would be very difficult to run from the
Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean on good leg. But Terry didn’t
The Marathon of Hope
April 12, 1980 Terry dipped his right leg in the Atlantic
Ocean and began his Marathon. Marathon of Hope. He had to
run 3339 miles (5373 km) and reach the Pacific Ocean. He
was escorted by a van that was driving his best friend. Terry
decided to raise 24 million dollars - one dollar from every
Start of the Marathon was
unsuccessful. It was raining.
On the strange marathon
almost no one paid attention.
Running third of the distance,
he raised a total of 200 000
dollars. In fact, a lot of
money, but Terry was not
satisfied. He was angry. It
seemed to him that his idea
had failed.
One of the main features of outstanding people is
perseverance. They do not give up.
And Terry did not give up. More and more people
enthusiastically watched him, someone joined, someone
shook hands, someone interviewed. When Terry reached
Ontario, he had already became a national hero. People
donated money for cancer patients.
A leg was still ill. Then he
started coughing .
Terry felt bad when he had
run two-thirds of the route. The
cancer had spread to the lungs.
The marathon was stopped. It
lasted 143 days. Terry had raised
1,400,000 dollars for sick
On a big TV show, famous
people said thank you to
Canada’s hero. Terry watched
from his bed and smiled.
Terry Fox Run
The first Terry Fox Run
in Canada started in week
three of September 1981. It
brought 3,500,000 dollars to
the fight with cancer.
Today there are Terry
Fox Runs around the world.
In the same week in
people run and remember
«Canadian hero». Terry is
dead, but his message is
always with us: «Stop the
My impressions
This story impressed me
deeply. Terry has shown how
to overcome difficulties. We
should never give up in
different situations. I am
convinced that the deed of
Terry is an example of
strength of mind, will and
hope. I admire and follow the
example of Terry. I'll
remember doing of Terry
and always will go forward!
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