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Сидней - город моей мечты

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Виртуальное путешествие в город Сидней (Австралия). Презентация о городе, его истории, географическом положении, климате, интересных фактах, достопримечательностях, традициях.
Сидней –
город моей
Юсупов Константин Эдуардович
КОГПОБУ «Кировский авиационный техникум»
Специальность 15.02.08 «Технология машиностроения»
Студент 3 курса
Руководитель: Пупышева Татьяна Васильевна
Plan :
1. The history of Sydney
2. Geographical position
3. Сlimate
4. Interesting facts
5. Places of interest
6. Тraditions
7. The conclusion
8. Resources
the coat of arms
In 1770 the British explorer, Captain James Сook,
claimed land in Australia and named it New
South Wales. The first people who lived on the
territory of Australia were the dark-skinned
James Сook
The first British settlers in Australia were
convicts who were transported from
Britain between the late 1700s and the
mid-1800s. They built the city of Sydney.
Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales
and the most popular city in Australia and
Oceania. It is located on Australia’s east coast
and lies between two regions: the Cumberland
Plain and the Hornsby Plateau. It was built
around a huge harbour.
Sydney has a humid
subtropical climate
with warm summer
and mild winter. The
coldest month is July .
The warmest month is
January .
The two shores of the city are joined by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is one of the longest and
the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.
The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) was
constructed between 1893 and 1898
was named after the Queen of
England. Now it is the main shopping
Sydney officially became a city in 1842. The north of the
harbor is more residential, and the south is more industrial. The
city center is on Martin Place.
The main attraction of the city is the Sydney
Opera House. It was opened in 1973.
It was designed in the 1957 by young Danish
architect Joern Utzon. It is supposed to look
like sails in the wind.
The Sydney Opera House
Sydney Tower is the second tallest observation
tower (309m) in the Southern hemisphere. It is
opened to the public and is known as the Sydney
Tower Eye.
Sydney Tower
Luna Park is an amusement park
situated on the wonderful Sydney
Harbour, overlooking the Harbour Bridge
and the Opera House. It was opened in
Sydney Luna Park
The Australia Day Regatta in Sydney is
the oldest annual sailing regatta in the
world. It began in 1837. It is devoted to
the anniversary of the first European
settlement in Australia.
Sydney Festival is the major arts festival. It takes place every
year in January. It was established in 1977. The rich program
includes street parades and splendid performances in the
open air.
One of the good traditions is barbecue. There is a barbecue festival in Sydney.
Sydney attracts me not only with its unique
attractions, but with a friendly atmosphere too.
Local residents are characterized by warm and
cheerful character, a great sense of humor and
wittiness. I would like to visit this city. It is a city of
my dream.
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