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ГБПОУ НО «Нижегородский медицинский колледж»
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IV курса
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Гуляева Дарья
Руководитель проекта:
Попова Ирина Сергеевна
Blackpool is a seaside resort in Lancashire, England, on England's
northwest coast. The town is on the Irish Sea, between
the Ribble and Wyre estuaries, 17.5 miles (28.2 km) northwest
of Preston, 27 miles (43 km) north of Liverpool, 30 miles (48 km)
northwest of Bolton and 40 miles (64 km) northwest of Manchester. It
had an estimated population of 142,065 at the 2011 Census.
Blackpool gets its name from a historic drainage channel (possibly
Spen Dyke) that ran over a peat bog, discharging discoloured
water into the Irish Sea, which formed a black pool (on the other
side of the sea, "Dublin" (Dubh Linn) is derived from the Irish for
"black pool"). Another explanation is that the local dialect for
stream was "pul" or "poole", hence "Black poole".
People originating from Blackpool are called Sandgrownians
or Sandgrown'uns (as are persons originating
from Morecambe and Southport) or Seasiders (although this is
more commonly associated with Blackpool F.C.). Blackpudlians is
also used but uncommon.
• Blackpool unitary unit covers an area of 35
square kilometers, bordering the west by the
Irish Sea, to the north, east and south
borders with nemetropolnym Lancashire.
• Blackpool - the first electrified city of the UK, so many attractions
related to the "culture of power".
Central Street Blackpool - the
Promenade - twenty kilometers
stretches along the coast of the
Irish Sea. Along it concentrated
all the tourist sites, and she - the
main object. Irish Sea stern, but
very beautiful. In the morning
there is low tide and sandy beach
home filled with dogs and just
walking daring. On the sand, you
can walk about a kilometer to
check their courage. Sea bounces
unevenly, and the sand running
streams, which flow into the small
and shallow "lakes".
Blackpool tramway
One of the main attractions is the
Blackpool Tramway, which all along
the line goes on the Promenade
(Video). The tram was launched in
1885, six years after the
demonstration of Werner von
Siemens invention of electric
traction, so it is considered to be one
of the first in the world. Trams,
mostly two-story, built before the
Second World War, so by
themselves they predstavlyuyat
great historical and aesthetic value
for fans of public transportation all
over the world. The trip on the tram
from one ring in Fleetwood (airport
side, north) until the second ring
Klivlishe - beautiful adventure.
Light Festival.
• From the end of August to the end
of October in Blackpool unfolding
action, for which for over one
hundred and fifty years, the city
gathers a large number of people.
It's called Blackpool Illuminations.
Almost the whole city is decorated
with an incredible amount of lights,
garlands, light installations,
luminous paintings. In two months
the city is immersed in an
atmosphere of great celebration
and festival. Every year during the
festival are fireworks competitions.
Blackpool tower.
• Blackpool Tower for more than a
century, but still it attracts huge
number of tourists. In its
description it says that the
architectural inspiration is drawn
from the Eiffel Tower in Paris
design. Indeed, the lower part of
the tower is very similar in
appearance and have a similar
• Like the Eiffel Tower has become
the symbol of Paris, the tower in
Blackpool was also the object of
the most recognizable symbol of
the city and its. On the
panoramic elevator upstairs for a
minute. For tourists are three top
courts, two of them open. At the
bottom of them have a piece with
a glass floor where everyone can
test their courage.
Dance citadel.
• For more than ninety years since it held
this year in the world's main tournament
of ballroom dancing. The exception in its
history make up only 5 years old snatched
the Second World War. Not what other
reasons could not prevent the dancers all
over the world every year come to the
citadel of the art of dance. Winter
Gardens (winter gardens Blackpool) - the
venue of the tournament - in itself is a
unique monument of ancient architecture.
Once on this festival people will forever
remain captivated by this place, its
atmosphere. Perhaps this is the only place
in the world where the action takes place
on such a scale, and where no one is
• When I chose this city for the theme of my presentation I became
closer to my dream. I always wanted to visit this brighter and
extraordinary city! Blackpool is full of interesting buildings and
landmarks. One day I will certainly come to see the city.
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