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 Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
 Royal Albert Hall
 The Tower of London
 Canterbury Cathedral
 The London Eye
 Piccadilly Circus
Kensington Palace
 Sherwood Forest
This is one of the nerve-centres of
London. Nelson's Column, with
the statue of Admiral Lord Nelson
on top, rises in the centre of
Trafalgar Square. This most
impressive monument is 170 feet
tall. The statue of Nelson, placed
facing towards the sea he loved,
measures 17 feet in height.
Big Ben
Big Ben is a symbol of great Britain
and one of the most beautiful
sights of London. It’s the largest
and the most famous clock in the
The tower was built in 1858. The
project architect was Augustus
Pugin.The height of the tower
and spire is 9 6.3 m.
Westminster Abbey
Britain is administered from the
Palace of Westminster in London.
This is also known as the Houses
of Parliament.
The Abbey is distinguished with its
incredible beauty. The interior is
breathtaking – it seems that the
walls inside are made of glass.
Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall
situated in London.
The world's leading artists from
every kind of performance genre
have appeared on it is stage. Each
year it hosts more than 350
performances including classical
concerts, rock and pop, ballet and
opera, award ceremonies, school
and community events.
The Tower of London
The Tower of London is the most
interesting historic sights of
London. It is situated in the center
of London on the north bank of
the River Thames . It has 20
towers and the most important of
all is the White Tower, which was
built by William the Conqueror.
The Tower has a long and rich
history. It has once been a royal
palace, prison, place of execution
and zoo. Today, it’s mainly a
historical museum. The Tower is
famous as home of the Crown
Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral - the finest
examples of Gothic architecture in
England. It is located in the
County of Kent. The Cathedral
has undergone substantial
changes and was completed and
once even burned, so that was
rebuilt. It was after the fire,
during the reconstruction he
purchased belonging to the
Gothic style.
London Eye
The London Eye is a giant 135-metre
tall Ferris wheel situated on the
banks of the River Thames in the
British capital.
It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe,
and the most popular paid tourist
attraction in the United Kingdom,
visited by over 3.5 million people
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus is the centre of night
life in the West End. This is one of
the most popular meeting points.
Piccadilly Circus is a dynamic and
picturesque place with a happy
and lively cosmopolitan
atmosphere. There stroll people
who come from the most farflung countries in the world.
Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace is a royal
residence set in Kensington
Gardens in London, England.
Palace has been a residence of
the British Royal Family since
the 17th century.
It was the official residence of
Diana, Princess of Wales (until
her death in 1997).
Sherwood Forest
Sherwood forest Park area, located
near the village of Edwinstowe in
In Sherwood forest there is an
oak-survivor. The age of Oak-the
major is estimated to be between
800 to 1000 years. Since the
Victorian era its massive limbs
was partially supported by a
special scaffolding system.
In Sherwood forest is also one of the
UK's largest groups of so-called
recreational villages belonging to
the "Center Park".
In 2005, in Sherwood forest, were
found three stones. Historians
believe that in the middle ages on
this spot, marked by three stones,
arranged the gathering of the
London is the most beautiful and
interesting cities of England.
There are a lot of attractions. I
think if was in London,I felt like a
heroine of fiction books. London
attracted me with its mystery
and beauty. I really want to go
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