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Обычаи и традиции:мост от прошлого к будущему

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ГБПОУ « Буденновской
Политехнический колледж»
Тема: «Обычаи и традиции:
мост из прошлого к будущему»
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«Химическая технология
органических веществ»
Хлопянова Яна Юрьевна
Аутарханова Айна Билаловна
The plan
8. Ireland « Tradition of new year»
9.Ireland «Saint Patrick»
3.New Zealand
10.The USA
11. Kenya
England «Tea Party»
1 Cup of tea: 6-7 in the morning.
2nd Cup of tea: tea with milk.
3rd Cup of tea: 12.00 to 14.00 hours.
4th Cup of tea: 17.00 in.
5th Cup of tea at 19.00 – 20.00 .
6-tea Cup: after a late dinner.
Madagascar «Special calendar»
In Madagascar will never start a new business on Wednesday. To
bury the dead on Thursday. To drink milk on Sunday. But Friday is the
best day to trade. Tuesday okay to carry out political activities.
Thursday is ideal for the wedding ceremony.
New Zealand «The Day The Treaty Of
In early February, according to the tradition of New Zealand
celebrates the holiday, which symbolizes the onset of a historic
reconciliation between indigenous inhabitants and British settlers.
Day of the Treaty of Waitangi proclaimed to be the weekends, and
people in New Zealand celebrate it every year with festive
Britain «Musical tradition»
Musical traditions of the country's diverse and original. Its musical
productions classic «Covent garden» is famous throughout the
world. The traditions of great Britain are displayed in vivid festivals.
Festivals shows arts: drama, theatre, choral art.
Jamaica «Boxing Day»
By tradition of Jamaica, it is celebrated on December 26. On this day
people exchange gifts. How did this tradition get started, no one
remembers now, but there is a version that is a bit lazy islanders just
decided to extend thus the Christmas weekend.
Nigeria «Wedding traditions»
In Nigeria the young man to his beloved must pass through a gauntlet
of her relatives, armed with sticks. And the girl need to gain weight
before the wedding, otherwise it will return the parents.
Scotland « Scottish games»
Traditions include Scottish highland games: centuries at such
gatherings the men figured out among themselves who is stronger,
smarter, faster, more agile.
Ireland of «Tradition of new year»
In Ireland there is quite an interesting tradition – in the new year's
eve to leave the doors of their houses open so that every visitor could
feel welcome. In these festive days in Ireland, the atmosphere of
universal trust.
Ireland «Saint Patrick»
Day "St. Patrick" is celebrated on March 17. The celebration of this
day is a special event for the Irish. People in this festival dress up
in green clothes, also besides the parades have parties with music.
THE USA «Father's Day»
On this day, all fathers give gifts, invite to dinner and do everything
possible so that they feel special. Some believe that his confession
began with a Church service in West Virginia in 1908. Others think
that the first ceremony of Father's Day was held in Vancouver,
Kenya «Gifts»
Expensive gifts in Kenya to give is not accepted. Gifts are usually
presented at Christmas. If you are invited to visit, it is advisable to
bring sweets and tea. Transfer of a gift should not use the left hand.
Keep and share the gift with two hands.
Lesotho « Music»
In Lesotho there are traditional musical instruments Lesotho:
lukolela, setalo-Tolo, thomo, and others. Lukolela is a type of flute,
which is usually used by the boys-herding. Secolo-Tolo is also a
musical instrument which is played using the mouth. Thoma is a
string instrument, usually considered female.
Australia «Christmas»
It all starts with the November parade in the capital of Australia. In
the parade accept the participation of various artists and musicians,
and at the end of the procession comes the Grand entrance of Santa
Claus. Santa goes to a Magic cave where he will sit until Christmas.
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