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Виртуальное путешествие. Презентация на английском языке.
ГБПОУ КК «Краснодарский монтажный
Выполнила: Малая Мария Владимировна,
обучающаяся по профессии 08.02.01. «Строительство
и эксплуатация зданий и сооружений». 3курс
Руководители проекта:
преподаватель английского языка
Исаева Елена Васильевна;
преподаватель информатики и ИКТ
Попова Марина Николаевна
Краснодар, 2016г.
1. The meaning of York
city in ancient times
2. The history of York city
3. The main sights
4. York city today
Today York - is an economic and administrative
place, only a second-class small town, the center of
one of the northern parts of England. However, its
historical and cultural value for the country and,
possibly, for the whole Western Europe, is very large.
About 2000 years ago York was the capital of the
north of England and played the main role in the
British history during the time of the Romans, Saxons
and Vikings
The date of foundation of the city is '71. The wooden
fortress was built during Romans on the River Ouse.
Then the Romans York ("Eboracum") was an
important military base
In 866, the city was seized by the Vikings, and was
renamed into Jorvik, then it became the capital of the
kingdom of the same name. Now the city has an
interactive museum, which tells the history of the city
during the reign of the Vikings.
At the end of the tenth century, York was the second
city in England after London.
One of the best
places of the
medieval era of York
is York Cathedral
(Yorkminster) - the
largest medieval
cathedral in
England. It was
built 400 years ago
and today is one of
the largest Gothic
churches in Europe
The cathedral is located on the very spot where King
was baptized as Edwin of Northumbria. The
construction of the temple was started in 1220 and
lasted for 250 years. In 1472 the church was
The total length of the cathedral is about 160 meters,
the height is about 60 meters. The nave of York
Minster is the widest Gothic nave in England.
In the center of the
cathedral there is a
large and beautiful
organ, which was
built in the
fifteenth century.
There are statues
of fifteen kings of
England from
William I to Henry
VI near the organ.
There is the sculpture of
the Emperor
Constantine the Great
near the cathedral. At
the time of the
proclamation of the
Emperor Constantine
his regiment was in the
city. And in a place
where there is a
historical event, later
York Minster was
The medieval city
walls have
survived. The
length of the
surviving fragment
is about 3.5 km. In
England they are
the longest of the
medieval city walls,
which have
preserved their
The city center is
surrounded by the wellpreserved stone wall, you
can walk along it
and look into the courtyards
of simple Yorkers
Not far from the city center at the crossroads on the
hill there is a watchtower Clifford. The tower is the
only thing that remains of the castle of York. The
tower has become a place of ethnic abolition of
hundreds of Jews during the XII century
Ruins of St. Mary's Abbey. It was based outside of the
city walls of York in 1088. In the XIII century a large
fire destroyed the building.
A very typical area
where peacefully
coexist buildings of
different eras.
Crowded streets of the
medieval part of the City.
99% of these people are
tourists. According to
statistics, every year the city
attracts more than three
million fans to see the local
Streets of York
are not called
streets but gates.
The streets and buildings are very cozy and
picturesque. Everything breathes antiquity, and
sometimes the city seems to be a toy.
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